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  1. I haven’t seen a POTW for a long time, so lets see if this works.

    Funny thing I saw:

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  2. Tuk the Macaw will not be happy.
    Carmel 18d_Dolores Street_Tuk's Perch_1.jpg
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  4. [​IMG]
    Ocean Beach, San Francisco • ©Brad Evans 2018

  5. I'm not sure how this Street/POTW works but I'm assuming it's about sharing photos taken this week. I went walkabout for an hour this morning. I wasn't too pleased with the results but I guess this is the best of the bunch (yes, it's the tried and trusted market but the others are all a bit 'static'). It really was that dark - the vendors were just setting out their stalls.

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  6. Mike, I don't think how it works is terribly rigid. Sometimes, a suggested theme will be given at the start, often with the caveat that you can also post whatever you have and don't have to stick to the theme. Sometimes, no theme is specified and a theme emerges as posts get made. Some folks will then follow that theme, others may not. Some threads act almost like No Words threads, where a theme is given with no caveat about posting whatever you want. I don't think a post will be removed for not adhering to theme, but I know I'm more likely to stick to the theme if it's specified with no out for exceptions. I think many people do share what they've taken that week, but I don't sense that's always the case and many people just look for something suitable or that they want to show at the moment.
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  7. Got it, thanks for clarifying!

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