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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michaellinder, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Igor Vlad graciously provided the image for this exercise. Since I have experience posting threads like this, I agreed to handle it on his behalf. Here it is.
  2. And the original . . .
  3. SCL


    I cropped the image to better focus on the central subject, adjusted the levels, resized, lightly sharpened it, and put a thin border around it. Not sure what the original intent of the photog. was, but if it was the girl, I'd have cropped even more.
  4. Couldn't decide between focusing on the woman or on the tree, so I did one of each. This one's about the woman:
  5. And this one's about sitting in the shade of a tree that doesn't exist (with apologies to veracity, but dang that was fun):
  6. It has a painterly quality to it so I experimented with some of the effects in Photoshop. This is the Chalk and Charcoal effect in PS5 and I cropped to 8x10.
  7. Thanks for using my photograph Michael.
    Nice to see great versions of this photo adjusted by other photonetters!
    Actually the shade comes from the trees on the left side ;)

    I simply made reddish soft light and adjusted curves a little.
  8. My pleasure, Igor. I decided to go with b&w after cropping in PSE11. The conversion and adjustments were done in Silver EFEX.
  9. Here's the image. I forgot to mention further tonal adjustments in Color EFEX, especially the graduated neutral density filter.
  10. Now here's an abstract version involving unabashed fun.
  11. Here's another interpretations.
  12. Smaller image.
  13. Duh . . . Igor D
  14. abstract . . .
  15. I liked the lighting on the woman, so I cropped to her. I thought she now had a dreamy quality to her. Copied the layer, went to topaz adjust. Got what I wanted & decreased opacity a tad.
  16. My take: ACR basic processing. In cs6 on separate layer by cut the lady is elevated. Once in place filter transform perspective to angle the legs and warp to drape towards the tree trunk. Noise Sharpen and crop.
  17. Thanks for your interpretations! Sunil, why didn't I think about it during taking the shot? ;)
  18. Rick, your treatment of this woman's face certainly draws out her beauty and character.
  19. Igor, could not resist 😁.
    Rick have a ? . I see out of gamut color for the dress, edge fringing. Is this intentional, bad profile/upload or my monitor/card/calibration. Thanks
  20. Thanks all.
    Sunil - the color came from the topaz adjustment overlayed on the original. The changing of the opacity is what did it (I think)
  21. I should have stopped twenty-five steps ago.
  22. Thanks Rick, I think you are right. At least I don't need a new monitor.

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