"Plus / minus" sign blinking on Nikon D300

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  1. Hello,

    I noticed that the +/- (plus / minus) icon keeps blinking on my Nikon D300. I don't remember when and why it started but for a long time, no matter what I do (I played with settings, changed ISO, mods, etc. ) it keeps blinking at all times.
    Besides that everything seems to be normal, but I am sure this blinking is caused by some kind of an error.
    Do you guys have any idea what's wrong with my camera?

    Thank you!
  2. Nothing is wrong with your camera.
    The flashing +/- means you have set Exposure Compensation (see page 9, item 19 in the manual). See page 116 in the manual for instructions about setting Exposure Compensation. Set it to zero (0) to turn it off.
  3. BTW, the manual is available at http://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14435/~/user%27s-manual---d300---guide-to-digital-photography
  4. Thank you. I read page 116 several times. The compensation was set to zero.
    By the way, I just played with the FN button and the main wheel. It appears that the blinking was caused by this setting.
  5. go look at the camera setting that sets what the Fn button does. my hunch is that it will be set to (I forget the name) but it does the same thing as exposure compensation. I think it's called Easy Compensation or something like that.
  6. ShunCheung

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    Easy Exposure Compensation means something different. If Easy Exposure Compensation is set, you can use just the command dial that is not used in a particular exposure mode for controlling exposure to dial in exposure compensation.
    For example, if you are using Aperture Priority (A), you should be using the sub-command dial to control the aperture; the main command dial plays no role so that you just rotate the main dial alone to adjust the amount of compensation; there is no need to hold down the +- Exposure Compensation Button.
    If you are using Shutter Priority (S) or Program (P), you use the main command dial to adjust the shutter speed or flex program, respectively. The sub-command dial is otherwise useless under that setting so that you can use the sub-command dial alone to control exposure compensation.
    Easy Exposure Compensation is in Custom Setting Group B.
  7. I have turned off easy exposure comp for this reason - I often accidentally turned it on and it does not automatically reset itself. And I did not always notice that it was still on. At one level its a good idea - at another its a damn nuisance.
  8. My D300 does this too. Exp. Comp reads zero on my LCD, but the + symbol flashes anyway. It's annoying. The flash comp is also set to zero, so it's not that.
    Kent in SD
  9. Try resetting the whole camera, maybe that will do it. It's likely that something is set odd somewhere....
  10. I've seen a camera blink that symbol in that way when manual exposure settings (either aperture, shutter speed or both) are set beyond the extreme ranges of proper exposure. Try turning to Auto or P setting on your top dial and see whether that's it.
  11. From the manual:
    b4: Easy Exposure Compensation
    This option controls whether the E button is needed to set exposure compensation (pg. 116). If [On (Auto reset)] or [On] is selected, the 0 at the center of the exposure display will blink even when exposure compensation is set to ±0.
    K On (Auto reset)
    Exposure compensation is set by rotating one of the command dials (see note below). The setting selected using the command dial is reset when the camera or exposure meters turn off (exposure compensation settings selected using the E button are not reset).
    As above, except that the exposure compensation value selected using the command dial is not reset when the camera or exposure meters turn off.
    Exposure compensation is set by pressing the E button and rotating the main command dial.
    Danny W.
  12. this seems to be a common problem:
    mine still blinks but has not affected my photographs so I have learned to ignore it!!!

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