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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by Supriyo, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. We all know, after the transition to the new platform, the forums have seen a good deal of improvement in many areas. Not the same can be said about the galleries section, specially the feature for typing comments. In the forums section, the comments textbox has formatting features such as 'bold', 'italics', 'colors', ability to add pictures etc. In contrast, the text area in the galleries section has no advanced feature, even a paragraph break cannot be achieved. I noticed it from the very beginning, and expected it to be improved eventually, which never happened.

    Lately, I notice increased activity in uploading photos and the critique forum seems more alive than before with many good pictures posted everyday. Lets fix the comment feature and help the galleries thrive even more, now that there seems to be a new momentum that was lost when the transition happened.
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    Thank you for the suggestion Supriyo.
  3. The answer it would seem would be to simply use the same format for comments as that of the various forums which seem to work very well for almost everyone. Like Supriyo, I have been frustrated with the format in the photo galleries and believe they are a hindrance to members willingness to comment..
  4. It's been almost a month since Supriyo and I suggested improvements to the comments area for individual pictures. Have you ever tried to edit a lengthy comment in that tiny text box? Frustrating beyond words. As I mentioned before, using the comment format found in the various discussion forums would solve the problem. I think you feel that if you ignore us long enough, we'll just go away. I don't know, maybe you feel that comments aren't that important now that we have the convenience of the "admire" button. At least let us know there is someone there who cares,who actually thinks about members' opinions beyond a casual "Thank you for your suggestion".
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