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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by gary_ferguson|1, May 2, 2010.

  1. I have Photoshop CS4, I'd like to move to CS5 Photoshop Extended Edition. Does anyone know if there's an upgrade path, or will I have to buy a full copy of the Extended Edition?
  2. Yep. $349 and it's yours, same as upgrading from Extended to Extended.
  3. If you have any kind of academic association, you might qualify for some of the very substantial discounts if your school is a licensed customer of the program or the whole suite.
  4. Hi Gary,
    I am facing the same choice - PS5 or PS5 Extended. I cannot find a point by point comparison of the features. What features made you decide to go with the Extended version?
  5. It is not 'PS5'. It's PS CS5 (extended or not).
    What "shocks" me is that PS ver. 12 (CS5) looks and acts a lot like the CS4 I just upgraded from ($199). Bridge seems slightly faster (this is all on Windows 7 64-bit).
    ACR 6 is identical to ACR 5.7 with just the little Noise filter changes (Patrick already mentioned this).
  6. The new features of cs5 are well documented, and I for one am thrilled with the upgrade (even ignoring the speed boost osx finally got)
    The different versions.. I can't think of anything that extended adds for photographers. It does do pretty nice 3d stuff, and it does have analysis tools that are really designed for scientific purposes. I can't think of anything offhand that photographers need however.
  7. Hi Kyle,
    You are, of course, correct; it is CS5,
    Thank you for your comments about the differences between CS5 and CS5 Extended. They match what little I was able to find. I wish Adobe would post a point by point comparison.
    I think I will probably upgrade to the regular CS5 (from the current CS2 I am using).
  8. If you're on osx, the upgrade is a no-brainer for the 64bit-ness.
    Otherwise, well.. still totally worth it :) I've updated my wacom tablet function keys to include content-aware fill.. it saves quite a bit of time. (it isn't perfect of course, but many times it gets you maybe 75% of the way there in a click)
  9. I am running on an i7-860 based PC with 8 GB of RAM, under Windows 7 64-bit version, that I built in January. I will get the advantage of 64-bit PS.
    If I understand Adobe's upgrade policy correctly, CS5 is my last chance to upgrade from CS2 at a reduced price. So ... Plus I understand there are some very nice features in CS3, CS4, and CS5 that make the upgrade very worth while.

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