Photonet lost 99.5% of my photos

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mtc photography, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. In my old photo net I had more than 5000 photos in many folders, such as Minox 8x11 folder, Leica folder,
    Greece folder , Spain folder etc.
    The folder structure is gone, destroyed completely by the new site desiger
    Now there are only 20 + photos left.

    The new site is a piece of junk
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    We will look into it - nothing is lost - it is all in the database we just need to find out why it isn't in your account - but thank you for letting us know.
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    Could you take a screenshot of what you see - because I see 5400+ photos and over 100 galleries. Please see below:
    Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.48.50 AM.png
  4. I previously asked how I could set the visibility level for my folders but I don't have to worry about that anymore. Now all my hidden folders (well over 120) are shown as empty The titles are there but there is nothing in them, no way to access the pictures if they strill exist. Ten years of pictures gone in a flash.
  5. Hi Jack - I am sure they are in the DB - lets look into it - I'll PM you once we have more - shouldn't be long.
    Thank you for your support. GP
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    They are in the DB - by chance are you looking searching public pages for private photos? They should by in "My Portfolio"
  7. Glenn - I went to Portfolio>Galleries. Scrolling down, the first three galleries are visible and the photos accessible. All my hidden galleries ( over 120) are black. If I click "view gallery" I get the following message "There are not (sic) photos uploaded to this gallery." If I go to photos and scroll down, thumbnails of the various galleries are shown. But only some of them can be opened. The rest (the great majority) open to a screen saying "This page could not be foundf. Error 404.".
  8. By the way, I went to edit the post above and the editing feature now seems to have disappeared.
  9. Hey, I'm another who would appreciate this being sorted pronto - the main reason I pay an annual subscription to was so I had an easy to use folio of hidden images to share online.

    I'm suffering the same symptoms, the galleries which previously contained my hidden images remain under previous titles but every way I try to enter/view those galleries, no images are showing up and no amount of frigging about on my part can access any of them..............
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  10. The problem is that a strange slice of each photo shows up in "My portfolio," but when I click on the strange slice for an image in a hidden folder, I get the 404 error. For the portfolio view to be useful, we'd need to be able to see the actual thumbnails in their original format, they'd need to be organized into their original folders, and we'd need to be able to click on the thumbnail to see the photo. The reason that preserving the original folder structure in "My portfolio" is so important is that otherwise we don't have any way of finding a particular photo--it's like a randomly filled filing cabinet. It's a tremendous relief that they're still in the database, though!
  11. Leslie - I sure hope they're in the data base because I can't access most of the photos in my many hidden folders. By the way. My e-mail seems to be down so if you want to ontact me maybe you can send me a message via pn. I'd do it but I can't figure out how.. Regards, Jack
  12. Jack - I just tried sending you an internal message. Click on the "inbox" link in the upper right corner of this page (should be just under the orange "upload" button if it looks like what I'm seeing), then look under "conversations" and with luck it'll be there. --Leslie
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    Editing comments function has a time limit of 10 minutes - same as before
  14. For some reason I wasn't given an option to edit on one of my recent responses on this site help may need to check the consistency of the editing option through different forums.
  15. In fact, on that last post a minute ago I wasn't given an option to edit.
  16. Same happened to me in the Philosophy forum. Once I post something, no edit option is available. It was there yesterday (even after hours of posting).
  17. You said give it time, Glenn, and I have but it's been one nasty surprise after another. Now it seems my Favorites folder has been pared down from over 800 to 99. I'd like an explanation of what you guys are trying to accomplish.
  18. I'm having the same problem as Jack McRitchie. Where did all my pictures go? Where is "the latest photo posted for critique" feature? The site seems to be but a shadow of its former self.
  19. This is like a nightmare, worse han the previous attempt. Please return to a functional PN asap. This is no joke. I was just getting into posting again and then this!
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  20. Yes. What are you trying to accomplish is a good question. So far I hate, hate, hate the change. Right off the bat I look at my portfolio and the images are all a mish mash arrangement, and everything is in a vertical format, and most of my pictures are meant to be horizontal.
    I have been a constant member of for over 10 years. This is going to be the final one if things don't get sorted. Which makes me very sad.
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