Photo of the Week - #1 - 9/20/21

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  1. The landscape part of the color version had me thinking of Wyeth and I liked that, but the drama and blue of the sky seemed to sweep me out of Wyeth land. Were the sky handled more mutedly and in keeping with the feelings the land was giving me, it would have been a more organic experience.

    "Is there lens distortion in the cabin? I feel like there may be as my eye travels to the right side of the cabin."—samstevens

    I'm fascinated by various kinds of distortion and unfamiliar enough with the properties of various lenses and what might be more natural in an old cabin from a particular angle that I thought I'd ask. I was not annoyed, irritated, or worried about it.

    Bill Brandt in photography and Matisse in painting sure knew how expressive it could be to distort a figure. Likewise Michelangelo. I have no immediate references for building distortion at hand. I'm thinking there have to be and will be looking out for them.
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  2. Ahh. Now we get the powerplay of the sky without being sidetracked! Sometimes less is more.
  3. Pundits like to make much of Bill Brandt's surrealist artist influence, but to me his use of wide angle and edge distortion isn't really surreal. I think he had a total grasp on how lens projections can make an ordinary subject extraordinary - i. e non 'painterly' - and embraced photography as a new way of seeing reality. Not as surreal, but differently real. And much more emotionally disturbing than some of Magritte's or Man Ray's silliness.
  4. Due to other activities/priorities (and days in between where I've just been happy to 'do nothing'), I haven't logged in to PN for months. So I'm delighted to find this new thread! The comments on this photo so far have been interesting and educational (for me).

    Personally, I would have been really proud of myself if I'd managed to capture this photo! So just compliments and no criticism intended for taking this photo.

    But in reviewing the photo, I agree with previous reviewers that there are two competing subjects/stories: the luminous and dramatic sky and the (backlit) old farm in relative shadow. I can imagine a professional photoshoot in which at least the old shed is artificially front- or side-lit. But I don't have this kind of equipment either. So my approach would be to adjust the luminosity of the sky and foreground in PP to reduce the overall difference in luminosity while preserving the 'micro-contrasts' (detail) in both the sky and farm. Essentially a PP-simulated 'articial front- or side-lighting'. I'm not sure how this would work in practice.

    I liked Glen's cropped 'dramatic sky' photo. Perhaps the same technique could be applied to the old farm. Effectively splitting the original photo into 2 separate crops, each of which has different PP: middle ground + sky and old farm + middle ground.

    It's been a useful learning experience 'analyzing' and reviewing this photo and I'll submit some of my own to the pool.


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