Philosophy forum on life support...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PapaTango, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Philosophy is an esoteric discipline, often not attracting a mass or popular audience. It would be hard to sustain on a site like this which tends to eschew the kind of depth and substance Philosophy requires in favor of its current move toward more social networking, camera and technical discussion, and a lot of more picture postcard imagery, notwithstanding some recent good discussions on Robert Frank, etc. which could easily have gone into the Philosophy forum with a slight twist of emphasis in the OP.

    Participation in the Philosophy forum dwindled in proportion with the dwindling participation in the rest of the site, though it was probably always a less attended forum than a lot of others.

    Universities often have a hard time drawing students into Philosophy classes.

    Philosophy is hard, often has its own unique language and deals with the kinds of questions the average person often simply does not want to seriously take up. That's part of its beauty and draw to me.

    There was plenty of philosophical content in the Philosophy forum. Michael is mis-remembering. It was, however, not classical or strict Philosophy. It was Philosophy of PHOTOGRAPHY. Plato would come up but, appropriately, not often.

    One can't just blame the ethereal unit, "the philosophy forum" for its dwindling participation. If the content was not appealing, it was up to members who cared to put forward content themselves that would have been of more interest. Monday morning quarterbacking the demise of a forum is easy. It would have taken more time and effort to, at the time, ask pertinent questions and stimulate pertinent discussion.
  2. Gary, your response to my post is well put. Sometimes shooting from the hip gets a gunslinger dead.

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