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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by lorakim_joyner, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. My Nikon D50 worked fine for two years. This morning my PC doesn't recognize the camera. I recently took the memory card out and replaced it. The camera does take and store pictures fine. I tried a different USB cable that works fine with my external hard drive, so I don't think it's the cable. I tried the camera on another PC and a Mac, and they don't register the camera either. I have the settings set to "Mass storage" on USB port. Please help - I'm about ready to go on a trip and need to take pictures for my work.\r\nThanks!
  2. I assume the camera battery isn't running on empty?
    I never hook my camera up to a computer - may I suggest you get a USB card reader?
  3. Dieter's got the right idea: you can get a simple card reader for very little, and using it doesn't require an electrical connection between your computer and your camera body. Really, you should be able to find one at any consumer electronics store or computer/office-supply place for $20 or even less. I never connect a USB cable to my cameras unless I'm actually shooting tethered - which ain't very often.
  4. LoraKim, I have the same prob with my D70, so i went out and bought a card reader. I know this is not letting you know what the prob is with your camera. But this is how I fixed my prob with my camera. It sounds like we have a prob with the sensors in our cameras. I will be checking this thread to see if anyone has a solution.
  5. A full camera reset (hold buttons with green dots for 2+ seconds) may straighten things out, but I 2nd...or "4th" the suggestion of using a card reader. That's all I've ever used and it has never failed me.
  6. Thank you all so much for the help. I'll look for a reader card today or tomorrow and see if that helps.
    In gratitude,
  7. LoraKim - card reader card reader card reader - - I would personally not ever hook up anything other than a P&S to my computer. I do hook up my Sony P&S because I don't have a card reader for it. And it comes with a cable to hook it up to the computer with.
    Card readers are great & easy to work with. Good luck.
  8. I gotta agree with those who recommend the card reader. Eliminating potential problems by not connecting your $$$ camera with your $$$ computer. Potential problems refer the possibility of a potential voltage difference (static or regular) between the two devices and exposing the inards of the camera to these voltages.
    This is why almost every instruction manual will tell you to make and/or undo all connections with the devices off.
    Use a card reader and problem is eliminated.
  9. Don't use an older card reader. I purchased a 2.0 SD card a couple of months ago and it wouldn't work with my old card reader. I purchased a new model and works great. My guess is that the old card reader was not capable of reading the newer SD card. Anyone else can explain why I would also like to know why.
  10. Call Nikon 1 800 NIKONUSA. They have probably seen this problem before.
    The card reader is a good work around.
  11. Read the section "Connecting to a Computer" in your instruction manual. I don't have a D50, but my D200 USB connection can be set in either "PTP" or "Mass Storage" mode. You must have it set to "Mass Storage" mode to transfer images from the camera to the computer using the USB connection.
  12. There are now two types of SD cards: SD and SDHC. SD can only hold up to 2 gb. SDHC can hold much more (currently defined as 32gb). No old SD card readers can read the new SDHC cards. The new readers can read both.
    This is why the more expensive cameras use Compact Flash cards. The internal structure of the Compact Flash is the same as a hard drive so to speak. The upper limit is very high for drive/card size (currently around 137gb for compact flash).

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