Paul Conrad Buff, dead at 78

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    There are five people who revolutionized and popularized the use of electronic flash:

    professor Harold "Doc" Edgerton who invented it and then after WWII made his patents freely available

    Claude Bron

    The man behind Balcar

    The pair who created Profoto

    And Paul C. Buff.
  2. I will take some shots tonight in his honor. His gear and service are impeccable. Paul, is somewhere lighting up the place. God Bless.
  3. That surely sucks. It's such a great company. I hope the company survives without him. A great man, with the
    highest standards. I still have 2 lights from the 1980's, when he first started out. The lights still work fine. I have
    several of his later lighting systems. I already miss him.

    Thanks for sharing this news. I have to send off a card.

    He will be missed...
  4. I think the company will do fine. He hired some very good people.
  5. Very sad. His company has definitely defined good quality affordable lighting for photographers. Love my White Lightnings!
  6. RIP, Mr. Buff.
    As a customer, I have to say that I am very impressed with your company's excellent customer service. Hopefully that won't change.
  7. One time I dropped a light off of an 8 foot light stand. The 3200 unit. It was out of warranty, plus it was dropped! I
    asked for a rush and I got it back in a week at no charge. I called them saying that I dropped it and I should be
    charged. They said not to worry about it. I've never bought any other lighting system. Support doesn't get any
    better. Yes, the shipping was even free.
  9. Thanks Ellis, you are the best!
  10. Another pioneer is gone. Rest in peace, Paul, knowing that your invention has come to the aid of myriads of photographers.
  11. I knew Paul from my previous career in Audio. Very sad to see him go.
  12. RIP. When a box came to you from PCB, it was always like Christmas, your birthday, and the tooth fairy, all at once.

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