Paid to subscribe, now what?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by efusco, May 7, 2003.

  1. Two days ago I subscribed to be a Patron via the PayPal
    service. Recived a reciept from PayPal, but haven't heard from and I'm not shown as being a subscriber in "My Workspace".
    Should I be patient, was there a snafu, or is there something I need
    to do to "activate" my membership?
  2. pmj


    Somebody should definitely update a few webpages, because this is asked very often indeed. There is a manual step involved in becoming a patron, where Brian (the Editor-in-Chief) has to read a confirmation email from paypal and update users' data on This can take a week or so (maybe two, I think). Please be patient, it will probably be solved real soon.
  3. No problem, just hadn't head anything and couldn't find any info on what to expect. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. Patrick is right. But it normally doesn't take it week. It takes one or two working days, which means that if you pay through PayPal on Thursday, you might see the icon on Friday, but it might be early the following week.
  5. I just updated the subscription page with a note that there may be a short delay before you get your icon since adding patrons is currently a manual process. Hopefully this will result in fewer worried patrons!
  6. Paid to subscribe, now what?
    You know about the big event at Bob's house this weekend, right?
  7. I knew about the party with all you can eat caviar and all you can drink single malt scotch, but when do I get secret handshake?

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