Outrageous colors from Epson R2400

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by hjoseph7, May 30, 2010.

  1. Last week I printed a batch of 8X10s for a client and all the colors on my prints came out fine, give or take a few
    tweak. I was Using Epson Premium Photo Glossy Paper and Lustre, no problem black was black, white was white,
    and orange was orange. This week I tried to print the remaining pictures from the shoot on Epson 5X7 Premium
    Glossy paper and some of the colors are way off, blue is pink, black is brown and the entire print has this mangenta cast.
    I'm not sure what is wrong, first I let photoshop determine the colors then I tried to let the printer determine the colors
    in PS CS2, same results in both cases. Could the printer settings have changed in about a week ? This is really
  2. I assume you printed a nozzle check and all inks are flowing?
  3. I'll try the print nozzle check, thanks.
  4. Ben thanks, your check is in the mail, I cleaned and alligned the nozzles and everything look good so far even better than last week. thanks a bundle !
  5. I pretty much always print a nozzle check before printing anything. It keeps me from wasting a sheet of paper if the nozzles need cleaning.
    Did you change paper profiles when you changed paper? It could account for some of the difference if you did not.
  6. No I did not change the profiles on paper. At first I thought that was the problem, but this is the first time I did a head and alignment cleaning on this printer since I got it. Thanks again.

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