Oh No! Yet Another Obscure Japanese Rangefinder...

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rick_drawbridge, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. I just found the little clip for the film leader, it was hiding from me.
    My film advance seems a little wonky now though. Sometimes it requires a double advance, others not then sometimes it won’t advance at all.
  2. James, in common with many little Japanese camera of this era the take-up spool on the Pax M4 is not slotted, but has a clip under which the leader is inserted and pushed home as far as it will go. Does the Tac Deluxe have this spool? Pic below. I quite like this design, as it's sometimes quicker and easier than passing it through a slot.


  3. Thanks so much for getting back. The spool is a bit different, there is an almost unnoticeable “clamp” that I could not find, well I was looking for some sort of slot or hole. It’s rather sophisticated in a way, I’m not a paying member, I’m not sure if I can upload a pic to this thread or not.
    I was planning on using it this afternoon but the trouble loading made that impossible.
    So far the only other quirk I have noticed is that you have to make sure the first stroke of the advance goes completely to the end until you hear and feel a tiny “click”, if you don’t, advancing the film seems to be a bit tricky. Something tells me there will be a few double exposures in my future.
  4. On looking again, it actually is the same. In person it is not anywhere near as noticeable as in your photo. I really love the weight and feel of this little guy, really looking forward to playing with him tomorrow. Thanks again.
  5. My pleasure! You can post images here, despite not being subscribed, and it would be interesting to see a few of your results.
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  6. It's nice that people keep reviving older threads, like this one. It's amazing timing, too, because I just saw a Pax M4 for the first time, yesterday. I knew nothing about it, but I wouldn't have thought it capable of such fine results. Then again, I'm pretty sure you could produce fine results using a tin can and a piece of a broken whisky bottle, Rick.

    It's interesting that you apparently had titles on these, at first, but now they're simply numbered. So, I'm not sure what's what, but I especially like the shot of the trees, which I'm guessing are the kanukas, and #8, with the surprisingly-shaped shadow.
  7. Thanks, Dave. No, I just used numbers to caption images, back in the day. Each image was a separate post (a tedious business) and had to be attached to text, so the numbers served that purpose. Yes, the old trees were Kanukas, now long gone, and image #8 was my favourite.

    It's a little sad to look back seven years to a period when CMC was really alive and well, and a post regarding an obscure camera would elicit several pages of comment and contributions. So many of the names no longer appear on the Forum, and I fear the temptation to check the "Like" box, a procedure I reserve for social media rather than Forum use, has supplanted the fun of sitting down and tapping out a reply or comment, and creating a conversation. After all, Forums were once places of discourse and discussion...
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  8. So, did you ever print #8, as you were considering doing?

    I hate to be the one to mention it, but many of the contributors to this forum seem to be getting up there in age, myself included. So, there will be some natural attrition. It would be nice if the youngsters that are driving the film resurgence would join in, but I wouldn't expect it. Forums are too "old school" for them, and they don't really communicate thoughts, despite spending every waking hour social networking. They can't spare the time to form complete sentences. They'd fall behind in their SnapChat and Instagram threads. So, they re-tweet and re-post and respond emotionally to things others have posted, re-posted, or re-tweeted, but they don't think, apparently. All they seem to do is work on their "personal branding".

    Personally, while I am obviously not hesitant to post comments or questions, I have to admit to using the Like button. It is lazy, I know, but I often have nothing of value to offer on a photo, other than the feedback that I liked it, which I can do by Liking it. I'm not sure that eliminating the Like button, if that were an option, would result in any more posts from me. I can't speak for anyone else. But, I'm afraid the art of posting comments that inspire conversation is becoming a lost art. You are excellent at it, which is probably why most of my comments seem to be in response to yours. But, real life conversation is a dying art, and if you can't (or don't) start a conversation in real life, you probably can't (or won't) start one in a forum, either.
  9. Dave, I never did get to print #8 and it's probably still in the "One Day..." folder. You make some very good points in your latest reply... I wonder if our conversation should be C/P into a new thread with an appropriate title, to bring it to the attention of other members? It seems to me to be worthy of discussion.

  10. Indeed Rick, I too often pine for these older longer posts with lots of feedback etc. Dave makes the argument well and so is the state of things. The weekly board is a boon for participants, but the quick and easy detracts from the long and informative. I fear we are off topic etc... but I wish they listed them in reverse so the newest info is seen. This is a by-product of the site overhaul. The only productive thing to do is make and/or submit more/better posts. I'm lazy. It may be a good idea to post this as a new topic
  11. I'm the new guy, here, so apologies if I took us too far off-topic. I'd be happy to continue the discussion if anyone wants to start it elsewhere.

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