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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am a passionate photographer and would love to take it to the next level and become a certified semi-pro photographer to build my business.
    I'd love to hear some "new" input and information about the NYIP, which offers 3 different courses with certification on the end.
    I am about to sign up for the "Fundamentals of Digital Photography" course and would love to hear if someone recently has signed up for it or even finished it and what do you think about it?
    Any honest input is very very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much
  2. You want to become a "certified semi-pro photographer"?
  3. Looking at the NYIP's short digital course, if you're a passionate photographer you probably know most of it anyway, and if not, I think you can get all that from buying a good book, working through it very diligently, and posting examples of your work for critique here or on some other site where people will comment. Is it the certification you're wondering about, whether it's worth it to spend the money for the piece of paper? If so, I'm curious too.
    I'm kind of in your shoes; I want desperately to get better, but I have little money and almost no mobility, so I am simply doing what I can. Right now I am working through the information on David Hobby's Strobist blog. It's slow going, because I can't drop a thousand dollars on all the great gear all at once. I can buy one or two pieces of gear per pay period, so I've been prioritizing what's the most important. In the meantime, I'm having to do things like mount my flash on a tripod with a ball head and use a thin sheet stretched over a flimsy frame to shoot through. But his lessons are free and very comprehensive, and as I slowly get more images up on the stock photo site I have been submitting to, I figure my portfolio eventually will start to speak for itself and I (hopefully) won't need a piece of paper saying I'm certified in this, that or whatever.
  4. If you sign up for their newsletter, etc you will be sent discounts. Eventually the full professional’s course went down to $559. I grabbed it. I do know a lot of the material. However, there are times when something just pops and makes more sense. I researched and struggled with getting it. However, I think it is worth it. I would get the full professional course. Many people have a problem with the film portions of it. The reason they give you this information is because it helps you understand some of the reasons digital does what it does. It also will point something out that I haven't thought of before and makes me want to research that aspect. I find researching through YouTube to be great for most of these. A GREAT resource is AdoramaTv on YouTube. They have tons of stuff there to watch. Just look them up on YouTube and open one of their videos and then subscribe to it. Or click on the following link. http://www.youtube.com/user/adoramaTV
  5. I took the NYIP course and I'm glad I did. Some of the lessons were pretty , which some might consider "Fill" , but mostly I learned allot of things that I could never have learned by just picking up a book. I have nothing against books and internet blogs, but at least with NYIP you can call the school if you get stuck along the way. Another thing, is unless you are "super" motivated a book will be sitting on the shelf collecting dust in no time. I have tons of books which are now in that state. Lynda.com is pretty good if you want to tune up what you already know, but there is no motivating factor such as a diploma. NYIP teaches you the basics, but you can take it further by doing a little reaserch on your own. However nothing beats real life on-the-job experiences to get you to learn.

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