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  1. New York Institute of Photography (www.nyip.com) vs. Photography Institute
    I can't choose between these two. NYIP might be more recognized and more
    prestigious, but Photography Institute seems to be more modern and up to date.
    Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about either of them?
  2. Nothing bad to say about NYIP except that I wish the lessons they send on CD came with voice narratives. It is easier to learn that way. I don't much about Photography Institute.
  3. I took the Professional Photography course from NYIP several years ago and loved it. Some of the material did seem a little dated, but if you want to learn the critical skills of photography and how to apply them, NYIP is the way to go. After all, they've been around since 1910, so they must be doing something right.....
  4. Any other advantages of taking such a course or getting diploma?
    I am more specific for a serious photographer or hobbyist.
  5. I just enrolled in NYIP - still waiting for the materials and my new camera (my big presents to me finally!) NYIP mentioned that they had recently updated their program - I'm guessing to move it into the digital age more. So maybe it's not as outdated anymore. I'll let yall know when I get my first package :)
  6. When NYIP stops sending cassette tapes, they'll be modernized. That's one reason I'm not taking their course.
  7. Well, Wolfeye, you're in luck. I emailed NYIP with the question, and they advise that the course currently ships with DVDs and audio CDs. It has also been upgraded to include "the latest in digital technology". Time to send in that application......
  8. Wooot! I just got my first package in the mail. The welcome letter says "You're among the first to experience NYIP's revised edition of the Complete Course in Professional Photography." They're actually mid-revising from what the letter says, they sent out this first unit that's been revised, and will send out further ones as they're ready. They said it may take a little longer to get the next unit, but it will be completely revised when I do get it. They've actually even requested I/we let them know if we find any typo's or come across anything that's not clear with the new materials.

    So, I have to second what William said... time to send in the application!

  9. Hey Ausra,
    i'm in the same boat as you. i'm looking at both those schools and am kinda leaning towards the photography institute just because they focus on freelance. but i still haven't made up my mind.
    let me know what you decide and how you like it.
  10. Jedly, I chose NYIP with an idea that I can take a shorter PI course anytime later, if I think I need it. I already got my first unit and I am not disappointed at all. They cover a lot of things, talk about everything from a wide perspective, so you might get all the information about freelancing as well. And you can always ask them, if you have questions.
    I was a little concerned that with PI there is too much information to observe in too short period of time. That's if you're working like me.
    Let me know what you decide!
  11. I took the basic digital course and the books were just ok, the cd really did not follow the text very well. The two videos that came with it were out dated and did not even feature digital cameras, they used film cameras, but I suppose the techniques are the same.The most fustrating thing was it takes forever to get the critique feedback from the instructor up to 6 weeks!!
  12. I've read lots of reviews on NYIP and am seriously considering taking their Complete
    Course in Professional Photography. My other alternative is to quit my day job and
    take a two-year program at a local community college...not sure how I feel about
    that in this economy.

    I received NYIP's catalog packet in mid-April, along with a $150 discount coupon if I
    paid in full up front. Today (May 6) I received a follow-up postcard that required me
    to contact them for information about a "special limited-time bonus offer." Long story
    short, I called and the offer is for $350 off the paid in full up front amount so the
    course would only be $648. The offer still includes the free camera bag and
    monopod and they confirmed that even if I did pay up front and decided later not to
    continue, I could get a pro-rated refund based on how much material I had already

    I don't know if the NYIP course will give me all the business info I need to feel
    confident starting my own photo business (their course does address business
    aspects), but I am confident I will learn a lot and be a much better photographer after
    completing it. Btw, both times I spoke with someone, they were polite and answered
    my questions completely and directly without any sales pitch. I'm feeling pretty good
    about this.
  13. I'm halfway through the NYIP program and I AM disappointed. The written materials are nothing you can't find in a bookstore -- but that's what I expected. I'm a university educator myself and I know that in subjects like photography, the real education comes in the exchange between instructor and student, where the student develops his/her skills. At NYIP this exchange is minimal: you send in your "photo projects" of between 3 and 6 images, wait (and wait and wait and wait), and receive an audio tape of your instructor's responses. Mine were perfunctory. "You're cropped too tight" -- what the *#&$ does THAT mean? As a student you have NO OPPORTUNITY to discuss images in a back-and-forth fashion with ANYONE.

    Unless of course you count the "student advisors" -- you email them to a standard address (studentadvisor@nyip.com) and get a response from whoever's in the office that day, if you're lucky. They will not look at electronic images, no matter how you submit them; they will only look at printed photographs sent through the mail.

    I'm VERY disappointed in NYIP. I only wish I hadn't already received all of my materials already -- I can't even ask for a partial refund. So I will finish the course and stuff the diploma in a drawer, because it's nothing to be proud of.
  14. Jane, I'm sorry your experience with NYIP has been disappointing for you. Of course, you can find the text material in any bookstore. You could say the same about the information in a history textbook. It just happens to be organized better for the workflow of the course.

    You are also right about the importance of interaction between instructor and student, but surely you recognize that there are inescapable limitations on this factor in any distance learning course, compared to a classroom environment. (I do know the difference. I taught in a community college in San Diego for ten years.) It has been four years since I completed the pro photography course, but if I remember correctly, there was a means of contacting your instructor directly for follow-up questions on lessons. Why not try that, and ask him what the *#&$ that means. :)

    I did have a similar experience with one instructor who's abrasive personality discouraged me from seeking follow-up contact on his comments. I contacted my student advisor and explained my concerns, and was immediately given a different instructor. My email contacts with my student advisor were always positive, regardless of whether my question was technical or administrative.

    In any case, don't just give up and go away mad. If you're unhappy, let NYIP know about your concerns. You can make the course work better for you. If you're a university educator, you should know how to do that, right?

    Good luck......
  15. I've taught distance education courses, and there *is* the technology for immediate back and forth discussion. There has been for at least ten years! I know you're familiar with chat rooms and instant messaging ...

    I've tried addressing my concerns with NYIP and it's like talking to myself. I've emailed everybody from the customer service folks to Chuck Delaney himself, and gotten zero response. I'm sure they've written me off as a shrew.

    I really LIKE my instructor -- and if there's a way to do followup questions and answers other than just including them with the next photo project (three months later), I have no idea what it is. What the student advisor Jerry Rice told me was that any back and forth was to be done with an advisor -- and then he and his cohorts don't respond to my questions.

    Why don't I phone? Because the 800 number is reserved for SALES, if you're an actual student you have to pay for the call. Sounds kinda backwards, doesn't it? I've already given them almost a thousand bucks. I'm not giving them any more.
  16. I was tempted to start this with an LOL: Jerry Rice was the instructor I was having a problem with. I wonder if you can get a new advisor?
  17. Hello, I'm a Londoner and just wondering if NYIP is distance learning only or can I go there and take a course? Is it
    the most reputable school in NY for photography? I am interested in black and white analogue photography, lith
    printing, experimental, historical processess and reportage...thanks, and sorry for crashing your post!
  18. I am about a third of the way through the NYIP program and really have no complaints. I've pretty much gotten what I expected. True the course materials are a little dated, but still applicable and they have included updates with each unit. In addition to the course materials, I received some accessories when I signed up. The umbrella is definitely cheap, but the pop-up photo tent and a reflector set are pretty decent.
    I understand that for many people NYIP's format may not be the best option. I do feel that I would learn MUCH more in a classroom setting, but for the money I think it's a good deal. There is no substitute for practice and you won't be a professional just by completing the course, but as an introduction, it serves well.
  19. I finished the complete course in March 2009 and I have no complaints. I feel Jane may have expected to much from a correspondence course that is priced under 1000 dollars. The reason I took this course is because 1) the cost was within my budget 2) I can work the course around my schedule, I work and have a family 3) the materials, though dated, are exceptable. The NYIP information even stated that the materials are a bit dated but the education of photography hasn't changed. I think if Jane wanted a photography education like that found at a university, she should have enrolled in an university. This is by no means a college course. If you require student / teacher interaction on a week to week basis, then go to a standard college. If you can work by yourself and are motivated to learn, NYIP will foot the bill. My photography has improved greatly and I have opened a photography business.
  20. I have the same confusing questing.. Which one is a better one to go through? I'm completely disregarding the pricing, I do know that the PI will give a diploma for Freelance. Is that sufficent or should I try and get my degree in photography at a local college? I really don't want to do classes with teacher and student... But I do want the right piece of paper saying I'm qualified
  21. I have the same confusing questing.. Which one is a better one to go through? I'm completely disregarding the pricing, I do know that the PI will give a diploma for Freelance. Is that sufficent or should I try and get my degree in photography at a local college? I really don't want to do classes with teacher and student... But I do want the right piece of paper saying I'm qualified.
    Jane needs help! eeek :(
  22. Hi, I have pretty much the same question. I do like the outline the PI has up on their website. It seems very informative, but I like the idea of how the NYIP teaches their course. What I do find frustrating however, is the lack of direct course outline on NYIP's wesite. How do I know what material they cover? That is partly what I would like to base my decision off of. I'm not totally sold on NYIP but I can't find many reviews on PI's course. Any help would be much appreciate! Even a quick overview of the course offered by NYIP!
  23. Hi Nikki, I am in the same boat as you- looking at PI and think it looks good, but a little skeptical, did you end up enrolling? What were your impressions? Is there anybody else who has enrolled? I'm looking for some feedback. Thanks
  24. Hi Everyone, just a quick note that i decided to enrol with PI as I was really impressed with the way they answered my initial questions.

    So far so good, i just thought i'd let Nikki and the others know about my initial experience.
    Thanks, David
  25. I'm also in the same boat as you lot. I've spent the last several days researching both courses, and reading reviews and while I was originally leaning toward NYIP, I now prefer PI's outline. I found this Flickr group that's put the PI course in perspective for me, also - http://www.flickr.com/groups/1050811@N22/discuss/ By the looks of it, PI is quicker on the turnaround time, everything is done online but there is a heavier focus on theory with less photo assignments, while NYIP includes more photo assignments despite the wait times and potentially dated material.
    Needless to say, I have yet to make up my mind! Anyone enroll in either recently that can provide updated feedback??
  26. Hi Ana, i enrolled a few weeks ago with PI and have completed first 2 modules and have been very impressed thus far. First assignment was theoretical, but the second one i am in the middle of and requires some shooting and uploading of images for my tutor to evaluate.

    Biggest suprise was PI's Facebook Group- it is like a community of students and everyone is so helpful- over 3000 members and most are always posting images and there's heaps of feedback from everyone.

    Anyway, all good thus far with PI- still a way to go though. I'm sure NYIP is good also but i'm very happy with PI and am glad that i enrolled with them.
  27. Caution !!!
    I've enrolled with them on January 11 2011, Its been over two month I still haven't received any letter or material from them !!! They charged my credit card straight away.. quoted in the enrollment email
    "In a few days you'll receive your actual Student ID Card in the mail along with the NYI Welcome Booklet that will tell you more about the school, our procedures, and what you can expect during your training. Shortly after that, your Unit One package will arrive. Since packages take a little longer in transit, please be patient."
    It being over two month I haven't received any. I am starting to get discouraged with the whole NYIP experience. Who ever is think about NYIP please think again!!
    Zen Liu student number 178453
  28. Hi I would just like to add my 2 cents worth - I have looked at all the online courses (T189 from OU in the UK, to the NYIP and the PI course too) and have decided on the PI course. I am from South Africa and wanted to do this course last year already and submitted my details last year May and last year Sept 2010 received a mail offering a huge discount on this course. Well I found this mail again last night and even though the discount had expired I am stil allowed to pay the discounted price offered. So for me that was a definite plus (went from paying R6999 to R3999) or in dollars from about $1000 i am now paying $580. I have read lots of feed back on this course which I will post at the bottom of my comment for anyone to read as well as also flickr pages with various feedback on the different modules! Hope this helps anyone..............
    http://www.talkphotography.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=106114 (read further down on this post)
  29. We thought we'd jump in really quick here. Though the original question is nearly three years old, it's clear that people are still finding it pertinent.
    We can't say anything about PI, but we can say that our own Pro Course is comprehensive in its content and unique in its assignments. To our knowledge we're the only school (other than colleges and universities where the professor is within 100 feet of you) that requires students' hard copies of their work for critique and grading. We do this to get our students used to the real world of professional photography where prints are required for jobs.
    You can find an abbreviated Course Outline of ours here. If you have questions about specifics, give us a call (212-867-8260) and one of the advisors will give you the nitty gritty.
    One note, though: because we do use mail service in shipping materials like books, DVDs, CDs, and assignments, international students will have a longer waiting period than domestic students. For example, Zen liu, one of our new students from China, is referring to the standard 8-week-wait for his materials. His message was posted on innumerable forums before we knew he was experiencing a problem (be sure to contact us with problems, we can fix it if we know one exists); we have since contacted him and allied ourselves with him in the belief that the post is a slow, maddening thing--but a necessary thing, nonetheless.
    If you have any specific questions and don't want to call the school, check out our FB page or Forum. Both are large communities with new, enrolled, potential, and graduated students who aren't afraid to share their full experiences when asked.
    Good luck to all in your search!
  30. Hi All- just logged back in to let you know i just got 10/10 for my latest assignment- now on Module 4 and loving the PI course.

    Module 3 was a bit of a drag, but i got through it and happy about the experience gained.

    Chantal how are you finding the course? Are you involved in the Facebook support group?

    I have found the support and the turn around of assignment marking to be exceptional thus far.
  31. I too am considering the Professional Course with NYIP and the only reason right now it seems to be winning me over PI, is that their monthly payments are far more doable than the ones offered by PI. But still I would love to hear a more detailed review from someone who has gone through either course about any particular module; what can be expected? That way I can judge which has a more appropriate learning style for me... Anyone care to offer any detailed examples?? Thanks!!
  32. Hi Katherine,

    As you may have read i have been doing the PI course, up to Module 6 now. Very practical course. Feedback from the tutor has been outstanding and very prompt. They also have a Facebook group with over 10000 members, i have made a lot of friends there.

    I have learnt a lot and i'm taking some great photos now- I asked them for a Sample before i joined and they emailed one through as I wasn't sure about online learning neither, maybe try that.

    Assignment 6 (which is where i'm up to now) involves me taking and uploading 4 portraits in different lighting and then 6 photos of a person with a vanity index from 5 to 0. I don't have any lighting equipment, so I have been told to improvise with flashlights, should be fun!

    Hope this helps
  33. I just completed the PI course and I thought it was terrific. I had direct access to my tutor/adviser. I never waited more than 12 hours for a response. Frankly I started wondering if he ever had a day off. He'd even respond on weekends.
    The material and the way it's doled out was fine. It kept me from getting ahead of myself.
    It's an intensely technical course. Very little subjective material. I didn't have to wonder if my instructor just didn't like my style or actually had something to contribute. Most of the comments were about sharpness, exposure and such, very little on composition and creativity.
    I shot film for 30 years and switched to digital in 1998. In all that time, I had no idea what a digical camera could do. Also, there are some splendid segments on Photoshop CS5.1. I wanted more on Lightroom, but it was a photography course, not a software course.
    I really didn't need anyone telling me my photos were cropped wrong, or someone's eyes weren't looking in the right direction. I needed more information on exposure, lens capability, lighting, resolution issues and jumping between RAW, JPEG, TIFF, how to effectively use PSD and DNG, different techniques of sharpening ...All those naggy issues that were just blurred and vague.
    And two of the modules were about starting a photography business, building a studio, hiring assistants, finding agents and looking for work.
    I don't know much about NYIP other than what I read here and it kind of turned me off. Too much hit and miss for the quality of course representatives as described here. I'd be royally p-oed if I had to wait weeks for a response, especially terse responses as described in this thread.
    I'm very happy with what I got out of it.
  34. I haven't decided on either one but one thing that I don't like about NYIP is that I can't find faculty information. I want to know the background of those who are reviewing my assignments once I start. On the other hand, the PI has faculty biographies available on their site and I am impressed with both their credentials and their sample work. I am still doing research and I have seen the same complaints and compliments about NYIP over and over. I will make a decision by the end of the year (2012) since I have too much on my plate right now but I am definitely looking forward to start my photography course.
  35. Hi everyone! I'm new to photography and I want to start learning from the very basics. I read some reviews about PI and this program seems to be quite good. I am a mom, spending most of my time at home, so im not looking for certificates but for the actual knowledge and skills I can use. Another thing - i cant sit all day with computer and write long papers. Would you recommend me taking this program or better look for something else?

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