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  1. I haven't seen any new POTW for this week and the last one. Usually its posted sometime Monday night. Is it just me, or there really is no POTW?
  2. Supriyo, I thought the same thing at first but past experience suggested I investigate further by looking through the thumbnails of POTWS to see if it had been placed out of order. Turns out, there is a photo of the week for last week, but once again it's been incorrectly positioned on the page of thumbnails. It's the twelfth thumbnail from the beginning, the women with their faces and bodies covered. As to this week's, it's anyone's guess as to whether there will be one and if there is, where it will be put.
  3. Which forum?
  4. Fred, thanks for the information. I see it now. I believe everyone has missed it, since there were no comments. I urge Glen or someone else to manually check the POTW every week to ensure it's in the correct position, and not rely on software. Its not a huge task and neglecting this is kind of an injustice to the photographer whose photo got selected for discussion and was never noticed.
  5. OK, now I see what you are talking about.
  6. Supriyo, I totally agree witth your suggestion to Glenn. He should also be aware that I posted a similar thread.
  7. You guys are eternal optimists!

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