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    A good Wednesday to you, Nikon people. Had to tackle a quick autumn-themed signage job, so out the back door and into the suburban forest microcosm I went. Almost had to fight the local alpha whitetail buck and his squirrel minions for a hatfull of prize acorns, but they let me go in peace. Then inside to the studio, where a simply prehistoric D200 has permanent ISO100 still-life duty. So, Nikonistas: what similarly gripping adventure led to your recent work? Share a photo! And don't hold back just to make all 14 of the Canon Thursday people feel better. They can take it. (Of course I jest, Canonites, your new weekly thread has been looking great)
  2. Light Art Performance Photography (LAPP) at Rincon Point. Glowing orbs hovering over the surf. This is a lot of fun, especially when you can get a reflection in water.
  3. Monarch - 1/250 f8 ISO 200 200mm
  4. A Hummingbird in a local garden.
  5. Image of young spectator at a 5K run sponsored by my church. Nikon D80, 300mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/1250.
  6. Nikon D3 24-70mm lens at 48mm f2.8 ISO 800 SB-28 bounced.
    Bride and flowergirl prior to ceremony at Rust Manor in Leesburg Va.
    Don Harper
  7. Amazing what these current Nikon models will do. This with a D300. Candle light and some inside lights spilling out onto the deck. A bit of a birthday party, as she blows out the candles. Accompanied by some friendly ghosts. I'm thrilled with the images I'm getting from my Nikon gear!
    Birthday Girl -- Nikon D300, 35mm f/2 wide open, ISO 3200, 1/90th
  8. Intrigued by the light show Jeff! Finally got a dragonfly in the shade for a change. Guess it's been too hot for them too. D90/Sigma 150mm/Sigma 1.4x teleconverter, natural light, 1/125, f/9.5, ISO 500. Loss of detail at this size and resolution, but you get the idea. :)
  9. Spring is just underway here in Southern Australia, time for crouching in the warm sunshine gazing at the world through a macro lens.
  10. "Mardi Gras" in the South Bronx a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Nikon D300, 18-200 mm zoom
  12. Great photos, everybody!
    My today's contribution is a photo of the hands of dog groomer, working on my golden retriever.
  13. More foggy stuff... Have a great day!
  14. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Ok, I'll be the first to post an image captured with the new 28-300mm/f3.5-5.6 AF-S VR super zoom.
    There was this food and art festival in town last weekend, and they had this mobile "rock climbing" set up, which attracted a lot of kids. The good thing about a super zoom is that you can capture a wider view and then zoom into the individuals. You cannot tell sharpness from such a small JPEG, but on the 12MP FX D700, it is quite good. It is less sharp on the D300, though.
    Nikon D700 with 28-300mm AF-S lens @ 50mm, f8, 1/500 sec and ISO 200.
  15. Happy Wednesday everyone.
    A jellyfish. Taken a while ago.
  16. Hello Everybody,
    my contribution this week is a bougainvillea currently flowering in my garden. This was taken in the late afternoon.
    Nikon D700, 85mm f/1.8@ISO 200, 1/3200s, f/3.2
    Have a lovely week.
  17. General store, central Texas.
  18. A shot from my trip to Yellowstone
    Nikon D700 with the Sigma 12-24mm lens
  19. [​IMG] This is an image taken yesterday afternoon in my local park (Candiac). There are many signs of the coming Fall with the changing of some colors, hundreds of birds flexing their muscles for the long flight south, etc and you can begin to see some yellows coming out. I am looking forward to it including some day trips into the countryside.
  20. Doing homework, at least that's what he said....
  21. Hello All,
    I finally managed to put my D3 to "use" and take some low light shots at the Thames River Festival carnival procession on sunday night. Cranked the ISO all the way upto 3200 and got some interesting results. Some people were really kind and used their flash to throw some light whenever I needed it :)
  22. This picture was taken under a bridge in Northen Louisiana.
  23. You folks make me abashed to post my own pics every week; but it gives me something to strive for. This is from my desk, my rock collection with a rosary lying amid the stones. I got a used D300 (OMG OMG) which auto focuses my AF-D lenses (OMG) and meters my lovely old manual focus lenses (double OMG). So this is the D300 with the famed Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 Ai-S; shot taken at my desk late last night at 1/8th of a second, f/2.8, ISO 400.
  24. I decided to try my hand at getting a few shots of my gal doing some dumbbell retrieve work during our Schutzhund obedience training. This meant having to race back to the camera after throwing the dumbbell in an attempt to try to catch her on her way back towards me - that in itself was an adventure!
  25. This is a bit of a departure for me. This image is of my father and I, when I was around 3 years old. Taken with a Nikon F FTn with the 50mm f2 lens. Out of focus because it was taken by my mother, who was not a photographer and probably just grabbed the camera (which was my fathers Nikon, and I now have it in my possession) when she saw me on my fathers lap. My father passed away a year ago last June and this last Monday would have been his 87th birthday. And I still have bad hair, it stayed with me since I was a child. We were on our annual two week vacation on Orcas Island, staying in a rented log cabin right on the beach. We still vacation there today, and it is the one place in the whole world where I can completely relax and unwind.

  26. Two leafhoppers Brunotartessus fulvus on eukaliptus tree, Australia
  27. Glad to see such good work already. My contribution this week comes from my summer vacation in South Carolina. This was taken on North Island, Georgetown, S.C.
  28. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    From a local school band competition held in a park at 35C
  29. Low light photo hi-ISO on a D200 and I believe I had the 50 1.4 [​IMG]
  30. A dry stone wall by Wast Water in the Lake district.
  31. Morning guys,
    This weeks offering is an old one. Early morning trip to a Nature reserve nearby a year or so ago.
    D40X, 50-500mm F/4-6.3G Original Image: F/6.3 @ 1/200s, ISO 1600
    Tweaked in View NX, +0.5 exp Comp. Sharpened, Colour balanced and Cropped.
  32. winter not far off
  33. Good wednesday to everybody!
    This weeks pic is taken last friday evening on a beach and there is 3 trees that remind me of a sailing ship. There was a beautiful autumn sky so i tried to get a nice silhouette.
    Nikon D200 - 18mm, 1/13s, f6.3, ISO250
  34. Bornean Orangutan mom with young in rain. Shot in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia on my most recent trip.
    Handheld, D700, 200-400mm, 1/160s, f/4, available light, ISO 2000.
  35. coolpix L3
  36. bmm


    Again a view from my loungeroom in Paris, but this oneis more an experiment and I am still playing with it a bit. The idea (obviously) is to get the very last bit of light over the rooftops and chimneys, just before it is fully night.
  37. D700, 24-70 @ 70, ISO 200, 1/125 @ f/11.
  38. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    Submitting my picture after a break of few weeks. Last week I was working on making home-made softbox and bought 2 75watt CFL daylight white bulb with 8.5" clamp light. Lights were placed on either side of the box. Color does look different on my work computer, hope others see the correct color as I do on my home computer. Actually I have this picture with entire reflection on plexi sheet but somehow I liked this one, as it shows how COLD is pepsi can.
    D90, Tamron 90 (I sold this lens and now have Vivitar 100mm f/3.5)
    90mm 1/13s f8 ISO 400
  39. Some great images already. Here's mine.
  40. Hi All,
    My favorites so far:

    Jeff L
    Don H
    Sanford G
    Sen C

    I don't usually do Photoshop tricks, but these suspended steel rings at the Indianapolis Museum of Art look so futuristic.
    D90 18-55 at 18mm.
  41. Great pics so far. I had a photo shoot last Friday documenting a 1961 Rolls. What a beautiful car. I was documenting the scratches on the bumper and ended up with a self portrait. Nikon D3, Nikon 24-120, 120 mm, F/16, 1/500 ss, ISO 800
  42. Happy Wednesday everyone. Last Wednesday was Senior Day at the Detroit Zoo. It was a beautiful cool and cloudy day. The animals were more active without the heat and humidity of summer. We had a great time. Photo taken with Nikon D300, lens 70-200 f/2.8.
  43. Don and Sen, both charming portraits
    Clint in Profile
    D300, Micro-Nikkor 105mm VR, f/5.6 @ 1/80 @ ISO 200
  44. 80-200, D-300
  45. Explored some abandoned buildings last Sunday with some fellow photographers here in Milwaukee
  46. I met a female at London Zoo's reptile house. Her name was Ana. Apparently her family name was Conda. So this is a photo of Ana-Conda, suddenly gracing me with a gigantic yawn, or was she just hungry ? You can wait for ages for these snakes to do something, and usually you go away dissapointed, so didn't miss the opportunity to grab this shot when she opened wide.
    FEED ME !
    D700, iso6400, 1/60, f/10, nikkor 24-85mm at 85mm. The D700 is in its element with these kind of low light situations.
  47. Good morning to all my nikonian friends. My eye catcher so far:
    Jeff L.
    Don H.
    Jim I.
    Hamish G. never trust them :)
    Kent S. where's my hometown
    Doug R. You finally found the Stargate
    Ken D.

    Back from the nice hot weather of the desert, must get use to the milder morning up north. This is an old barn in south Nevada. I just can't get enough of the blue sky.
  48. As always, some nice pix on here today!!!!
  49. A garden spider from this past weekend hanging out in some phlox.
  50. Fun pictures as always! great to see what everyone has been up to
    a few that caught my eye so far
    Doug. R - that looks like a very cool addition to the 100 acres
    Tim. H - I really like the composition and reflection; looks like a fun trip
    Don H. - A very nice moment from this wedding, sure to be treasured by your client
  51. KeithO - wow!
    Andrew - great focus. Beautiful shot.
    MikeC - jawdropping. Absolutely jawdropping.
    Mine is from a trip to Stratford, Ontario. After a play dropped into a local bookwright's cottage, got this shot of him holding gutenberg-ish type with tool for creating woodcuts in the background. He creates all of his own stuff, from paper - and even ink - on out to weaving the covers for the books.
  52. Took this at a local car show this past Sunday - it's from a 1907 Ford Model K
  53. '66 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback
  54. Autumn is here, taken in my own garden.
  55. Here is my first picture with my new D5000
    D5000, 55-200 mm
  56. [​IMG]
    D300 17-55 2.8 sb 600 + rayflash
  57. Mike Farris is an amazing Gospel singer, now based in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm proud to call him a friend.
  58. Bodie Hotel. D700, 14mm. Thank you to Shun and the other folks who commented on my image last week. I appreciate the comments.
  59. Great shots everyone.
    Mine is of a fragile forktail damsel fly. They are one of the smallest damsel flies at only about 1" or (2.5 cm) in length. You can identify them by the "explanation points" on both sides of their thorax.
    I happen to catch one having dinner, it you are interested it is in the portfolio under macro.
  60. Yesterday, at Icefield Parkway, Jasper AB.
    Thank you
  61. Roermond, the Netherlands
  62. Good capture day!
    A lot of wonderful photos today but above all I enjoyed the captions- what grabbed my attention more is "beauty is on the eye of the bumper" by Rick Dohme. Good one, Rick!
    Here is mine from labor day weekend at Harrisburg, PA.
    Shot by D300s 17-55 mm @ 17mm f/2.8 at 1/2000th sec ISO100 on Shutter Priority mode.
  63. The university near my house is putting in a series of reflecting pools. I took my son over so that he could take some pictures, knowing he would appreciate the geometry of the reflections in the water. I reclaimed my camera for a couple of pictures before we left, chased away by thunder and lightning.
  64. Hi and happy Wednesday, excellent pics again from everyone!
    Again, I shot only film this week, took only few shots with digital and I'm sorry to say that this is the best one of those three or so shots. :) Oh, and thanks to Matt, Doug & Richard for mentioning my shot in last week's thread, I'm honored. But back to the pic, here is the cloud apple, island, or whatever you might see in it.
  65. Photo taken today after I interviewed the father of a kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who has been held by Hamas for several years.
    Camera used was a Nikon D40 & 35/1.8 DX lens.
  66. Photo taken while waiting for Hilary Clinton to appear following the latest round of peace talks. Nikon D40 & 35/1.8 DX lens
  67. Captured on Sapphire Princess cruise ship during the Alaska trip, taken with D100 and 28-105mm AFD, 1s F10.
  68. This caught my eye at a birthday party this weekend...
    Hope you all have a good day.
  69. A pic of my friend Mike who can't stand having his photo taken. First shots using a speedlight with a softbox.
  70. Great images this week! Mine is from a 9/11 Memorial dedication. Column C89 from the South Tower was turned into a sculpture outside Firestation #3. Thanks to all the brave men and women who are first responders.
    Nikon as Always.
  71. Nikon D700 + Nikon 70-200 VR I + Nikon 2x Tele. Here is mine for the week. Enjoy!
  72. Great shots! Here is mine for the week!
  73. this guy seems to be unburdening himself of a very heavy load...
  74. [​IMG]
    male Sandalus niger beetle. Nikon D40, Nikon 55mm micro-Nikkor + PK13 extension tube, dual macro flash unit.
  75. This picture was taken about 1h 20m ago, almost straight out of camera, when coming back from work. I love the contrast of the sky at dusk with the city lights, although in this case this is the London City Hall (left), with the Shard at the back.
  76. I was only able to view quickly, but what I did see made me go WOW. I wonder just how far this envelope can be pushed. I will be back later to comment on some of them.
    My selection today was taken on the 1st Friday of Sept at a Blue grass Concert here in Benton, KY.
    Taken with my Nikon D90, Sigma 24-70 @ 70mm, f5.6, 1/60, iso 800, hand held. The performers are usually looking for something different.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  77. Went to a LaborDay/End-of-Summer party and as the night descended, I kept pushing the ISO up on my D700 to play. By about 10pm the keg was about empty but the bonfire was bright so I grabbed this of one of the guests. If I'd had a VR mounted I might have erased any hand-hold shake, but I thought this rather fit anyway as the title is descriptive of the subject. D700 @ ISO 4000, Nikkor 24-85 @ 85 and f/4 for.6 sec.
  78. Here is the pic .... I hope
    phil b
    benton, ky
  79. Great photos. I especially like the contributions from Shane S, Kevin D and the shot of the Bodie Hotel. I was at a local wetland here in S Florida called Wakodahatchee Wetlands and got close to a Great Heron with my D200 & 70-200 VR.
  80. Some great work this week - the macros are especially stunning and Matt's photo is flawless!
    A late post of a shot from the Summer. This is Holy Cross Church, Mwnt, which is on the coast in mid-Wales. Taken on an overcast, very windy day (handheld) the isolation is obvious - this is not an artefact, there really is nothing else there!
  81. Bad wheather... not much photo opportunities...
    On one of the rare dry days I took the D700 with the 20mm/2.8 with me to the ferris wheel at the fancy fair here in The Hague.
  82. network error...couldn't upload the try:
  83. again...
  84. 1st attempt at HDR. 7 exposures of an old church built in the 1880's. Great pics as always everyone.
  85. Thanks for showing us your nuts Matt, they go nicely with Jeffs' balls, which are stunning by the way.
    Excellent bug shots from Jeannean and Roberta as always, with stunning submissions from Pascal B, Keith O, and William P; but the bizarre looking bug award goes to Mark O'Brien, according to my daughter "that thing's weird".
    Mike C- beautiful colours
    Don Harper- a moment that the bride will treasure captured wonderfully
    Ton Mestrom- that image really appeals to me on many different levels
    Not a bad or boring shot in the thread, so I'll balance things out a bit with mine. Went for a walk on Saturday and the most exciting thing I saw was some mushrooms....
  86. My shot was taken at a concert of Austrian Metalcore band The Sorrow at the KiFF club in Aarau, Switzerland.

    Nikon D300 at ISO 1600, 24-70/2.8, 1/160s @ f/2.8, RAW converted in Adobe Lightroom 3.
  87. Hello all
    Taken last Monday at Del Socorro Church in Buenos Aires. Orchestra playing
    Mozart's "Missa in honorem Sanctissimae Trinitatis" KV 167
    D300 + 18-200 VR @ 200 mm - 2500 ISO - f 5.6 - 1/50 sec
  88. Matt: Great colors and composition.
    Jeff: LAPP-fantastic, so creative, perfectly captured.
    Richard: you captured the "childhood essence" in all of us, great candid shot, color, lighting perfect.
    Matthew: your flower just "bursts" out of your pic, great color, tack sharp!
    Sanford: Great pic of a majestic bird, color, sharpness, right on.
    Paula: Vivid color and composition
    Mike C-your pic looks "other worldly", color rendition, composition, spot on.
    Dave: I wish I had a pic of my Dad with me-a great piece of your family history.
    Jose-tack sharp pic of North Island, well composed.
    Sen C-I'm a primate junkie, so I just think this is a great photo of a Beautiful Primate.
    Kent: Creative and unique composition.
    Rick: Great "Reflection", creative composition.
    Kevin: Being "Different" is most definitely OK!!!! Tack sharp pic, with the title makes you smile
    Andrew: Candid pic of Ana-Conda, way to be "ready to shoot", hats off to your ultra fast reflexes to catch this reptile with it's mouth wide open!
    Todd: Great Lighting, colors, shadows, of a truly Classic Automobile!
    Doug: Great image.
    Aquinaldo: "Shades of Ansel Adams" quality to me!!!
    My pic is from Labor Day weekend, at Provincetown, Cape Cod, Ma. It's taken inside the front door of the Marine Store on Commercial Street.
  89. WedNEsDAy PiC #37

    The senior EDFL grand finals were decided over the weekend. While the players occupy centre stage it was interesting to take some shots that offer a different view from an umpire’s perspective (in this instance, the boundary umpire).
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED VRII
    Settings: 70 mm, 1/1603 sec, f/4 and ISO 200 (AP, hand held, UV filter)
  90. Happy Wednesday, everyone! My picture for this week is of star-trails captured in Show Low - Pinetop, Arizona. This location is about a 4 hr drive from Phoenix. The night sky is incredibly clear here, you can see thousands of stars and the Milky Way. I used the interval timer for his picture, 120 30 sec pictures for a total exposure of 1 hr.
    There are so many stars in the sky. Many of these have planets, possibly with life, even intelligent life. Photographers there are capturing star-trails with our sun a single star in are being photographed as you make this picture!!!! Now isn't that a humbling thought?
  91. Hamish Gray nice environmental portrait
    Anish, hot with nice details and DOF control
    Dave Lee, my favorite for the backend story
    Sean C. love it, wonderful detail and rim lighting
    Doug Rice, who can resist the teleport
    Mark O'Brian, wonderful macro of something I've never seen
    Lots of other great images here this week.
    Don Harper
  92. Well I'm not sure where this day went but this is sure the latest that I have ever posted. I guess better late than never and besides, I don't want to be the one responsible for the cannon folks getting the better of us. :) This shot is from a few weeks ago as I haven't had a chance to do any work on the 230 photos that I shot this past weekend while on a four day sailing adventure off the coast of Maine.
  93. Great photos as always. Today it seems there are exceptional photos.
    This is a photo I took this morning in Bodega Bay, CA
    D90 70-200 200 iso tripod
  94. To be a real photographer, you need at least one picture of a cat, ideally a close-up showing razor sharp eyes with magic bokeh; alternatively, you have a picture of a dog, ideally a cost-up showing razor sharp eyes, or even better, a running dog with razor sharp eyes . Oh, I missed this chance...
  95. Nikon Buddies,
    It's always a beautiful day in this neighborhood, and today is no exception. Special mention goes to Bill B, Finlay J, Sen C, Kevin D, Todd J, Narayan K (my kids were fascinated).
    My post is a burned out lightbulb, but I liked the slight ripple in the glass and the pattern of the filament.
  96. Local defunct greenhouse.
    Nikon F100 Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 @ 1.2 Fuji Velvia 100F
  97. Got this guy yesterday, HUGE!
  98. Thanks a lot for your comments Don Harper (I presume u meant the Orangutan pic), Jamie Harre, Richard Salke, Louis Meluso, Doug Rice.
  99. Richard Lanthier and Don Harper, thanks for the comments.
  100. Shot in Western ghats, Coimbatore, India during monsoon when the entire area was covered by fog. Two trucks were comingone behind another.
  101. I wish to thank Tiffany Brook, Doug Rice and Richard Karash for their comments regarding my Wed Pic #36 which were uplifting and raised my spirits. For the past two weeks I have been belted with a ridiculous flu virus that is finally showing signs of leaving my body. Tiffany, the young boy with hat and cards was another gem! Good health and safe shooting to all.
  102. Thanks Doug. Glad you like it.
  103. Thanks for your comment Richard L.
  104. Beautiful and clean image, Matt. I like that "perfectionism". :)
    I was having fun with the 50AFS, as usual... and with my father`s refurbished (for several times, I guess) charger. It still works like a charm.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 50AFS (f4 - 1/15sec.). No modification in the red channel, the charger`s plate looks very close (anodyzed aluminum).
    BTW, Bokeh and background blur are still one of the current topics. I use to dislike extremely blurred backgrounds. I prefer to soften them with a shallow DOF but not by much... on portraits I like to "suggest" what`s behind the subject when it`s related.
  105. Sorry, I clicked on wrong photo...
    Taken with a Nikon D70s, SB600 & Lester Dine 105mm F2.8 macro
  106. how do you upload images for nikon wed
  107. Forgot, Srip at night,Nikon D300 handheld,nikon 14-24mm lens. The best ever.
  108. I'm a frequent visitor but this is my first post - Nikon D70, kit lens, painted with light, F/11, 15 sec.
  109. Double post due to server error - sorry.

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