Nikon Wednesday 2012: #50

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Dec 11, 2012.

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    A good Nikon Wednesday to everyone, and a hope that this busy season isn't running you down. I highly recommend getting out past the shopping mall for a change of scenery.

    The couple of hours I spent wandering in horse country this past weekend did my brain a world of good, and presented the opportunity to make this photograph. Sure, it's shamelessly seasonal stuff, but that's OK, because I'm sure at least a few folks will join me in posting something holiday-esque, so I won't be alone! Got your Nikon gear all tuned up for family photos this time around? Share one!
  2. What every puppy needs for Christmas
  3. Have a Squirrel Christmas
  4. In NW Florida, USA. Christmas lights on the corner of Marpoles and Elm ... in Crestview.
  5. In downtown Crestview, NW Florida, USA. One old Ford pickup truck.
  6. Nice pics so far! That puppy looks pretty happy. I'll start off the film users barrage now... :)
  7. There have been a few Great White Shark sightings near Santa Barbara Harbor and other places along the South Coast this year. I managed to capture this very rare occasion:
  8. One leaf tenaciously holding on
  9. Nuts, I'm confused - is one not technically "walking in the roadway" when "using the crosswalk"?
  10. Great shot Matt!
    This little gal was out looking for an early morning snack...
  11. Well, a bit of snow is seasonally appropriate. Yr Wyddfa.
  12. Nice shots this morning. I'm afraid I don't have any decent Christmas season shots so I'll post some from this fall season from the old trusty F3 HP.
  13. #2
  14. #3
  15. Early Holiday Wishes from a couple Rogue Elves. My Daughters several years ago when I used to do a yearly Christmas card photo.
  16. Here's a couple of shots taken the day after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. These are of Lake Michigan in South Haven, MI.
  17. and the second one.....
  18. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    'Steam' rises from the lake as the ice forms.
  19. The 'steam' is responsible for the ice crystals growing on whatever they can attach to.
  20. I asked Sharon not to smile for the camera. But, she just 'lost it'.
    Nikon D90 NIKKOR 85mm f1.4 @ f2.8
  21. Cat and mouse
  22. Nikon D5100 with the kit lense.
  23. D200, Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.4, ISO 250
  24. Austin, Texas....
  25. Michael, Wow that reflection shot is awesome. Nice work.
  26. @John Rowsell - I like you first shot - it's excellent.
    Here is my abstract for the week. It's the back of a chair. Enjoy.
  27. Good Day Nikonians! as Matt suggests let's all have a ride outside our home and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere! Most of all, let's not forget those who need us the most. Be healthy and happy to enjoy yourselves, friends and family! See you! Cheers!
  28. We just concluded a Festival of Trains event; this snow village scene was taken with a 24mm PC lens tilted to get the foreground and background in focus.
  29. Mandolin
  30. Some invaders this year from Sibiria. Pine Grosbeak, Pinicola enucleator. This was a female, a male is red.
  31. Markku, I like your shot of the Grosbeak, very nice.
    Here's one from a wandering in a local park over the weekend. We finally got a little rain.
  32. Louis, your old truck grill shot tickles me... well done! Many wonderful photos today, everyone. This is a shot of a corner in our living room, first Christmas here in retirement.
  33. Wonderful shots everyone ! My post is dedicated to my friend, Mr. Lloyd, who recently passed away.
    I met Mr. Lloyd almost 2 years ago while out in the Bonnet Carre Spillway. Mr. Lloyd ( in his mid 80's) was a dog trainer. Mr.Lloyd believed in positive reinforcement , never used shock collars. He truly loved the dogs and the sport.
    One of the very first things Mr. Lloyd ever told me was - Find something you love and get up and do it everyday . He lived by his these words. One could find him out everyday with a owner and dog doing what he loved .
    Your friends from the spillway will miss you and your kindness .
    Doing what he loved best .
  34. As a long time retail worker, I try to stay away from the malls this time of year. So I went hiking with my son's 7th grade class. At least I brought a tripod along this time. This was the just past full moon behind some clouds with a 6 second exposure. If I had a larger lens and less clouds, we might have been able to see Jupiter just above the moon.
  35. We got some fresh snow and I photographed some rocks by the sea in Helsinki.
  36. The rocks in the picture above are in Lauttasaari; the ones below are on the south coast of mainland Helsinki.
  37. Finally a third pic from near Uunisaari.
  38. the latest in the ongoing series of street shots from oakland's first fridays festival.
  39. Our camera club had a "Photo Scavenger Hunt" and these are 3 of my entries.
    #1 - Santa/Bells
    Phil B
    Benton, KY
  40. Our camera club had a "Photo Scavenger Hunt" and these are 3 of my entries.
    #1 - Santa/Bells
    Phil B
    Benton, KY
  41. Our camera club had a "Photo Scavenger Hunt" and these are 3 of my entries.
    #2 - Palm Tree with Red and Green
    Phil B
    Benton, KY
  42. Our camera club had a "Photo Scavenger Hunt" and these are 3 of my entries.
    #3 - Angel
    Phil B
    Benton, KY
  43. Historic homesite taken on recent trip to Cades Cove, Tennessee.
  44. Having fun with my new toys. The camera lives up to what people have been saying on the Web :).
  45. Roberta, So sorry for the loss of your dear friend Mr. Lloyd. He loved what he did and that's the important thing in life. We should all learn to live by his "words of wisdom".
    John Pender
  46. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Roberta, sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.
    Dieter, I love your leaf picture.
    After months of thinking about it, I finally found the time to stop off and photograph a tree which I pass on a regular basis.......
  47. Alternative view.....
  48. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Since I was a little kid growing up, the Hong Kong Harbour always looks beautiful to me at night. The challenging part of this image is that even though I had a tripod, the Star Ferry was floating with the tide so that the boat moved a lot with serious motion blur with any time exposure.
    I finally settled for ISO 400 on the D800E, 1 second, and the 24-120mm/f4 AF-S VR at f8.
  49. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    This clock tower was part of the main train station decades ago. The train startion is long gone, moved to a different part of town, but they decided to keep the clock tower since it is a historic building.
    Nikon D800E at ISO 100, 24-120mm/f4 AF-S VR at 44mm, f8, 5 seconds. Here I have no moving subject issue so that I used the base ISO 100 with a longer 5-second exposure.
  50. A trip to the ocean last week.
  51. John P and Chris , thank you.
  52. Found a few Hooded Mergansers hanging out in a small pond by my house. Very rare to see them around here. Roberta sorry to hear about Mr. Lloyd. I sure have enjoyed all your dog pics from the spillway. Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20E III, 600mm, F/5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 640
  53. I'll have another try - wouldn't let me add an image first time
  54. Caught this one coming at me.
  55. Michael Ferron, love that image. It's a very interesting composition, very nice.
    Roberta Davidson, a very nice tribute to a friend. One of the things I've learned to love about photography is how the camera gives us an excuse to get to know people. Once you get to know someone it becomes hard not to become friends.
    Chris Wick, I love the simple composition and the sky. I've gotten to become a fan of your work through the Wednesday forums and always look forward to your submissions.
    Also Matt Laur, great image. I would normally skip on complimenting the moderator, it's like complimenting your teacher... but what the heck, good work.
    Everybody else, yes YOU, well done sir or madam, well done.
    So, I think I've fallen prey to NAS. Years ago when I dropped my 18-55 kit lens on my D50, I figured if I were going to replace I would upgrade. Welcome 18-70. This lens has been my trusty companion for 5+ years. I have honestly taken some of my best pictures with this lens. I liked the added speed and additional focal length above the kit lens. Recently the zoom has been sticking and against Shun's best advice I fixed it myself. Problem solved, for a few months. Then, against Shun's best advice, I fixed it again. This time, I've created focus issues and random softness. This bugger still creates amazing and sharp images, just not with the consistancy I'm beginning to demand. To solve this problem, I've resorted to using my 35 1.8 more and more. In fact on a trip to San Francisco, the 35 was the only lens I took. Amazing pictures, but not wide enough sometimes. I need a zoom.
    Welcome the 17-55 2.8, used through KEH. Although this is not pure NAS. I would have repaired the 18-70, but at a replacement cost of not much that doesn't seem to make sense. One thing I've learned from the forums here is to answer the question "what need does your current setup not meet?" For me it came down to build quality, low light performance, focus speed. Specifically that the 18-70 with a 3.5 - 4.5 max apeture is 2/3 to 1.5 stops less light for the AF to work with, and it's falling apart. Plus with all of the great FX cameras Nikon is introducing, I get to take advantage of all the full frame upgraders selling off their amazing glass. But yeah, this lens used cost about what the D50 kit did in 2005.
    Here are some of the penultimate photos from the venerable 18-70, making disfunctional holiday pics.
  56. Also, Rick Moran, WOW!
  57. Hendrik Avercamp's Winter scene: 1st saw it at Rijksmuseum & purchased copy which I photographed
  58. Nikon Buddies,
    Happy 12.12.12! Among the reasons I look forward to Wednesdays is to see photos like the ones posted today by Matt L, Michael F, Dieter S, John R, Bill B, Scott S, Martin Z, Markku V, Rick M.
    I'm posting a couple of Christmas themed shots that I like.
  59. Second post:
  60. My ultra-random (like my life) Wednesday photos . . .[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  61. Rick and Nathan, thank you.
  62. Thanks Nathan, much appreciated. Rick, that shot is awesome!
  63. Rick: that's terrific. The bird and his dinner is pretty dang dramatic.

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