Nikon strap is crap

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  1. I just bought a D7000 and still trying to learn the Nikon way as I was a canon shooter.

    One of things that really annoy me is the strap supplied with the camera. Its really small and frankly useless. Any suggestions for a good camera strap for Nikon D7000?

    I had a look around and I am not convinced with the black rapid stuff as I don't want to screw/unscrew every time I want to use tripod.

    Also can a canon 60d strap be used on D7000? Has anyone tried it earlier.

    Thanks in advance
  2. the d7000 is programmed to explode if you use it with a Canon strap. i recommend op/tech.
  3. +1 for Op/tech
  4. Guarav -
    Why did you join on September 15, 2011 just to complain about the strap included with a D7000?
    A search for "camera strap" yields this link with 2016 suggestions:
  5. BlackRapid with a Manfrotto QR plate PL2.
  6. Nikon strap is crap
    When I bought my first Nikon I pretty much posted the same thing. I wondered why Nikon would make such a beautiful camera with a strap that we would hate.
    Of course Nikon wants to advertise their name, so why put it on a crappy strap that many photographers are going to replace with another brand? I thought when I bought a f D300 that I would certainly get a better strap but nope...same old crap.
  7. Which Nikon strap is crap? Small and useless?
    I wonder if the mentioned strap is the very same one, supplied with Nikon cameras since the sixties(?). I`m refering to that all black, narrow one which is one inch max. width only in the shoulder/neck area. Is this the strap you`re refering to?
    If so, it`s not crap but a very good one and highly demanded by many Nikon users. There are many reasons to do so...
  8. The D70 was my first Nikon, so I don't know about what they used in the the sixties. I just measured the strap on this and the D300 and they look to be the same. Around 1 1/4'' wide. The D300 has D300 printed on it. I still have the D70 but have not used it in a year or so. The strap on that one is very faded. I don't think I spent that much time in the sun. The positive on the straps....They never broke. Does Canon also use a crap strap? Here is the D300 strap-
  9. The Op/Tech Pro Loop with the loop-through-loop > camera connector is great: no more playing with those fiddly (but very functional) length adjust/buckle thingies.
    I too found the supplied Nikon straps thin they also tended to slip if worn over-shoulder. A D700+MB-D10+70-200mm VRII is a bit heavy for such a narrow strip.
    I also never appreciated advertising the cost of what was around my neck or on a pub table, sure you could put a D60 strap on a D3 but that's kinda perverse!
  10. when i buy a new camera, the nikon strap goes directly into a desk drawer and i put on an aftermarket strap that's wide and stretchy. a big camera with a grip and hefty lens needs more than the supplied strap -- which seems to be primarily a promotional item, and not really intended to be for day-in, day-out use.
  11. I realise this is probably a redundant question, but what, in your mind, makes a camera strap "crap"? I mean, doesn't it hold your camera around you neck/ shoulder? Did it break? Slip? Ruined your clothes?
    I'm only asking because I've been using Nikon's since 2000 (had a Canon and Minoltas before) and I never thought to change the strap! It always held, it never broke, it folded the way it should in my bag, I could wash it without problems in the washing machine...
    True, when I got my D700 I replaced the strap (with a generic Nikon one), not because I hated the one I got, but because I didnt want to be a target when walking around with a strap screaming "expensive camera". I have transfered that strap to my D3 ever since. I have travelled on horse, on camel even on elephant, I've ridden down rivers and flows on small aircraft with the doors open while shooting. Strap has held. Every time. It has not decapitated me, it has not ruined my camera and it holds fast on my shoulder whenever I put it there...
    Have I gotten a Blackrapid strap? Sure. for my second D3 body, the one I use my 70-200 with, because due to the weight, I don't want to have to pay any attention to...
  12. I guess I'm an oddball. I've always liked the traditional Nikon strap with the yellow name on it. I briefly used an Op-tech or whatever they are called, but I went back to the stock strap. I don't like my straps to have more hardware on them than the camera has.
  13. My choice is the Domke strap. Nothing wrong with the Nikons, which I've used extensively with some models, but I prefer the Domke over the Op Tech
  14. I find Nikon's straps too short, too narrow and not padded enough.
  15. I think the issue is not necessarily whether it is CRAP, but whether there's something better in all departments.....
    No Advertising.... Posing or potential crime victim? Buy a 'plain' one.
    Comfort.......I think Marios has answered that one :) Get a better one.
    Durability.......I've never heard of one breaking...ever!
    It's like getting something satisfactory rather than excellent. It does the job BUT....!
  16. "... the strap on this and the D300 and they look to be the same... "
    They must be the same. I agree, the most annoying thing is that they are a bit striking.
    The strap I mentioned is the AN-4B. Very narrow, all black, for those who almost prefer not to use a strap. I love it.
    And when I need a really supporting strap, by far I prefer a Black Rapid /Sunsnipe type. It was the topic of a recent thread. They are also less obvious than harness systems.
  17. Jeez, it's only a strap for goodness sake! Sole purpose to stop the camera hitting the deck if you let go of it.
    I have no complaints at all about the strap supplied with my D700, and Nikon have had comfortable wide straps available from at least the 1980s. Here's my old faithfull F2 wearing a classic little black (and yellow) number. That dressless strap is at least 25 years old and still as strong as ever. Shame the lens and its owner aren't still as good-looking!
    A cheap way to a better strap is to get a strip of thin neoprene foam sheet and cut a few slits in it for the existing strap to go through.
  18. SCL


    I always found the Nikon mfr supplied strap too garish for my tastes, and replaced them with either one of my (self hand crafted) leather straps or a superb black one from Luigi (of Leicatime). Unlike the OP I certainly wouldn't call the packaged straps "crap", as they seem pretty strong and functional.
  19. I second the quality and made in USA.
  20. I have never used any of my Nikon straps.
    I think when you spend 1,000 USD or more, at least you should get a better strap.
    I don't like the color and they are not comfortable at all since they have no padding.
    I have been using Lowepro straps and I've been happy with them. I must have around 5 or 6 of them but a few days ago I read the thread about those Black Rapid straps and visited their web page and I really want to get one of them to try it. They look really comfortable but the problem is I only found them on Amazon and in a store in Tokyo and I don't wanna order it without looking at them. So I'll have to wait for my next visit to Tokyo and then I'll buy it...
  21. Another vote for OP/TECH.
  22. I'm glad to hear that others ditch the supplied Nikon straps to make their cameras more inconspicuous. I have had my OpTech strap since '92 and have wondered if anyone has experienced a failure of an OpTech strap. As it gets older and my cameras get more expensive I hate the thought of one plummeting to the ground.
  23. Being tired of using the vintage multicolored woven straps on hand, about two months ago I hooked the came-in-the-box Nikon strap to my D300. The body, especially with a 70-300 VR mounted, proved to be too heavy for the friction-hold buckles or whatever one wishes to call them. The buckles gave way twice. I caught the camera twice. I remedied the problem by tying knots in the ample dangling ends of the strap. I am going back to the old things, which have hooks or rings, until I can try on another brand for comfort--and to inspect the quality of its "business ends."
    Nikon, put proper fasteners on your straps!
    (Or perhaps they are designed to fail so we have to buy a new camera and/or lens? :) )
  24. Lowepro also makes an excellent 'transporter' strap ... IMO the Nikon strap has always been too short (I'm 5'10") ... they have ALL been that way with every Nikon I've used for 45years one point I was thinking of hanging them all in the garage like old license plates.
  25. Humm, never had one of those friction-hold buckles slip on me. D700+MB-D10+70-200mm VRII tops out at well over 3KG and I've never had it slip. Is 'gave-way' broken or slipped?
    Are you sure you did the fiddly and convoluted up>through>down on the way to and from the camera mounts?
  26. Nikon doesn't pay me to advertise, so I won't use their walking billboard straps. I've used Op-tech, black rapid, upstrap, and I like them, then I found Domke - which is thin, but it has silicon rubber beads down one side that works really well at keep the strap on my shoulder, assuming the rubber beads are down, not up. Thinktank improve the almost unimprovable by putting the silicon on both sides. This is my setup now. I have them on 3 D series bodies, and two big lenses.
  27. Personally I can't wait to never use a strap that has the maker's logo all over it in bright yellow. OpTech for me. Though I probably shoot sans strap 90% of the time anyway.
  28. I just saw this thread on the front page of PN, funny because I always thought Canon straps were crap, and yes, I am a Canon user :)
    Got a Black Rapid myself but rarely use it, normally I go naked.
  29. normally I go naked​
    !!! not even (g)strings?
    I have a hard time believing the straps would give away, but then I put the short ends on the inside where they are more likely to be pressed to the buckle as the load increases, rather than the outside where they may become loose.
    As for maker's marks, I have a black permanent marker...
  30. I have a knock-off black rapid. I used to use Tamrac's brown leather straps on my cameras I take in and out of the bag, and Domke's no-slip straps on my Yashicamat and other lighter cameras that I may carry around all day.
    When I got my 70-200 I felt I needed a better strap, especially since I started going back and forth between DSLR and tripod-mounted film cameras in the studio. I like the black rapid style because it's easier to operate another camera, or perform any action for that matter, while wearing the camera than it is with other straps.
  31. pge


    My d200 came with a strong, almost seat belt quality strap. When I purchased my d700 I was surprised at how much thinner the d700 was, not in width but in the girth of the material. However I quickly started to prefer the d700 strap, its small and doesn't take up any room in my bag, and the material is easily strong enough to hold a big camera and a big lens.
  32. He asked the same question at DPReview as well.
  33. I had a look around and I am not convinced with the black rapid stuff as I don't want to screw/unscrew every time I want to use tripod.
    Then use an Arca-Swiss compatible type camera plate (regular or L-shaped) and attach the carabiner to it. Avoid the screws that seem to me a faulty design. Problem solved.
  34. I have never used a N strap. Mostly because I did not want to advertise the Nikon name. I paid them for the camera; they did not pay me to advertize.
    I now attach a strap to one side of the camera so that the strap does not cover the viewfinder in portrait. Works as well as those expensive ones that attach to the bottom of the camera/
  35. Best strap: BlackRapid.
    Is it to difficult to try yourself if your Canon strap fits on a Nikon?
  36. Mike, it didn't break, no. The strap just slipped right (and entirely!) through the buckle. I am pretty sure I had it on correctly, too. This setup, including a quick-release plate, weighs just under 4 lbs (c. 1.7 kg).
    The Nikon logo is definitely not an attraction for me, I must say, but it was a change from the wild-colored weaves of the vintage straps. (Of course, my boyfriend, upon learning of the mishap, quipped that my next camera strap will say "Canon"!)
  37. I have been a long-time user of the Tamrac straps, and all my cameras have them.
  38. I've just done a side-by-side comparison of the strap that came with my Eos 5D MK1 and the one supplied with my D700. To all intents and purposes they're exactly the same. Sure the Canon strap is thicker and stiffer, but is that necessarily a good thing? The width, friction, security, visibility, size of brand logo and comfort are all about equal once you take the difference in weight and size of the cameras into account.
    In fact with the 5D on one shoulder and the D700 on the other I feel like a well-balanced personality, but with 4 pages and counting of posts about stupid camera straps, shouldn't we all go and get lives?
  39. pge


    Noreen, if the strap slipped through the buckle you did not have it on correctly.
  40. Op/Tech is good, but I don't see much difference from the Tamrac ones I also use.
    The latter are more widely available here, at least.
    Of course, if you want to go funky, then 60s-period guitar straps are great, and you can even avoid the Nikon exploding when a Canon strap (you really find them better? ?) is put on it if you adopt Praktica straps, widely available new on eBay.
  41. I have not had to worry about the quality of the Nikon straps. I always use a tripod.
  42. I love how this thread topic is generating more responses than anything in recent memory.
    IMO, the supplied strap is dorky and ostentatious. Seriously, why would anyone advertise the model and make of camera around their neck? Op-Tech or others are more comfortable and don't "say" anything. To me, wearing that Nikon strap around is like keeping that dumb Coach leather tag attached to a brief case or hand bag. Flashy and a bit tacky.
  43. My main complaint is the Nikon strap always twisting. Very annoying. Reminds me of a snake coiling round and round trying to get loose when you hold it:)
    Did I put the strap on incorrectly on 3 cameras? Is there a swivel or something that prevents the twisting?
  44. Five pages on my browser later and there doesn't seem to be a response from Gaurav, the original poster. I am amazed you kind folks made so many suggestions. Is it a slow news day? I don't think he will be happy no matter what. Geez... all for a camera strap? OCD? And, no, i won't be checking for an answer either. :)
  45. Obviously an interesting topic. Glad to see the feedback on the different straps and get other opinions on the original straps.
    I find it odd that some are taking the time to bash the thread. I just ignore threads that are not of interest to me.
  46. "Noreen, if the strap slipped through the buckle you did not have it on correctly."
    Indeed, I suspect the same. :) ;-)
    The proper way to thread the strap ends through the friction buckles is not intuitive, and I'll bet a lot of Nikon owners using their Nikon straps have not attached them properly. Nikon used to include instructions for proper threading of the strap in the instruction manual if a strap was supplied with the body, but I see that basic instruction is apparently missing in the manuals of some of the newer bodies.
    Can't speak for the D7000, but I am quite happy with the strap supplied with my D200. Mind you, I don't sling it around my neck for hours on end, so...
  47. Nice large instruction images Michael. Yep..that's the way I attached mine. Does not slip, but it twists.
  48. The loop fitting on the Optech Pro Loop, is foolproof and is so arranged that you can remove the cushioned neck bit via the clips and rejoin the 'freed' ends to make a hand strap. It removes much of the bulk without removing the vital strap>camera connections.
    I have used the same method as Michael but managed to put a full twist in from side to side; you only notice when you've finished and then curse because you've got to undo one whole side completely before re-assembly. The Optech clips fit in either twist direction.
  49. Thank you, gentlemen! I will save that diagram to check my strap--and any loop-type strap I work with in the future. (I still want a new one, something less emblazoned more cushy. The D300 and lens gets to be quite a weight while one is hiking after birds!)
  50. The bright yellow lettering "NIKON" is a bit much; I'm a shooter, not a bill-boarda. I use a black Sharpie pen to turn the lettering black. Then I like the Nikon straps.
  51. Thanks a ton for an overwhelming response from a very active community. I have bought an Op/tech strap as most of you suggested and its also the one easily available down under.
    Thanks once again!!!!!! Cheers
  52. Elliot said "I find Nikon's straps too short, too narrow and not padded enough." . . . and I agree 100% !! Given the amount of support on the subject from the posters I think that the individuals bashing the originator of the thread a little over the top.
  53. I guess I'm happy with just the ordinary Nikon strap because I don't really walk around with the camera hanging from around my neck that much. I usually have the camera in a top loader, and when I'm actively using the camera, I either just hold it in my hand or, I might just temporarily slip the strap on my shoulder. The Nikon strap and others like it just seem to fold down into the case better, with no excess plastic hardware banging about on the camera and other things.
    I think my younger brothers may have used fancy leather guitar straps with their cameras back in the 70's, but since I didn't have a Nikon back then, I just used the very similar strap provided by Pentax. I used to think the guitar straps looked dorky :)
    There was a time when I blacked out the yellow or white names on straps like this, but I don't bother anymore. I don't think anyone is going to steal my camera just because of noticing the strap, to be honest. I suppose at this point, Nikon probably considers its strap a classic that must be included in every camera box.
    P.S. If you think that strap is narrow, you sure wouldn't have liked the ones they replaced a long time ago: just a narrow leather strap less than half an inch wide. And yet, we all survived somehow.
  54. +100 for op/tech, but I also like the PacSafe CarrySafe security strap.
  55. I wonder if the mentioned strap is the very same one, supplied with Nikon cameras since the sixties(?)​
    Nope, Nikon used to use much better straps. My F65 strap is almost wonderful compared to the torture they provide with digital cameras.
  56. I don't have a shoulder strap attached to camera. I use a camdapter hand strap and usually bag my body/lens when not in use. On the rare occasion I do use a strap I screw on a black rapid to the camdapter base. Awesome combo.
    Of the neckstraps I've used, I like the Domke gripper the best.
  57. I really like Nikon straps. They're low-profile, and have a nice grippy surface for your shoulder. I wear them "left-slung" (both straps + a split-ring, attached to the left strap eyelet). They also don't stretch--Op-Techs are too bouncy for me. I considered Black Rapids, but I'm happy for having less bulk in my straps. But, everyone has their preferences. Try to visit a pro photo dealer to see if you can try one out.
  58. When I'm hanging the camera off my shoulder shooting casuallly, and carrying more than shooting, I use my 12 year old Domke. An Upstrap would do the job as well, maybe better.
    In the studio or shooting more than carrying, or even hiking in the woods, a Black Rapid RS 7 with a BERT stabilizer strap. The right tool for the right job.
  59. another for op tech. I just got the utility strap and love it.
  60. Fantastic to see how polemic a strap can be!
    Ok, Nikon original straps don't please some people and I even accept quality it is not first grade when compared to "specialist" products, but is it fair to go all the way down the scale and classify them as "crap"?
    And what about the people that say those straps are good and have no need to use another ones? Are those people just "crap lovers"?
    Independent strap manufactures exist to satisfy particular needs or the desires of people that want more luxurious goods, but a strap is just an accessory and when we buy the camera we pay the one in the box, not the ones we can buy elsewhere that cost a lot more. To get these in the box the price of the camera would certainly go up, and this would not please more persons than the ones that end up buying "better" straps.
    I always used the original ones, besides I do not like that much the bright yellow and the model name on, and the only one I did change was the D700 that got the strap of the D70, because it has is no model name. However, I'm considering to buy another kind of strap to soften the impact on my neck area, but I would never a standard strap in the original box to have the same specifications and to classify it as "crap".
  61. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the Leica strap yet. They are wonderfully easy to take off, if desired. They shield the metal clips in a rubber hood, so that it won't scratch the camera finish. They are thin, and have a nice rubber pad. The only place that shows the manufacturer's name is on the rubber pad, where it is cast into the material. Since it is black on black, it won't be noticed unless someone is VERY close to you. It folds up very compactly in the camera case. They are also made in Germany, for that fine Leica heritage.
    I've also used the Op-tech straps with my Nikon F3 MD-4 combination for about a decade. Those straps never give way. But, they are bulkier to fold up in side the camera bag.
    For a small camera such as the Zeiss Contessa, I use a thin little Kodak strap that came with my Kodak P&S digital camera. Nobody seems to get uptight about a "Kodak" logo.
  62. Pierre Lachaine, you said....''P.S. If you think that strap is narrow, you sure wouldn't have liked the ones they replaced a long time ago: just a narrow leather strap less than half an inch wide. And yet, we all survived somehow.''
    I think I still have scars on my neck/shoulder from the narrow leather strap that came with my 35mm mamiya/secor in 1971. LOL
    I thought I was so cool when I replaced it with one of those colorful Hippie straps from the Flower Child era:)
    It looks like they are making them again. Oh no.....Flashback :)
  63. the materials used in most nikon dslr straps are cheap. but beyond that, they, as many others have pointed out, are not padded. some other straps are not only padded but are slightly elastic too and thus reduce (or appear to reduce) the weight of the rig. like the op, i have trouble believing why nikon would not actually supply their expensive dslr's with more substantial straps. after all, it's free advertizing.
  64. Nikon makes some fine wrist straps that screw to the tripod socket. I won't leave home without one. Who needs a neck strap?
  65. ''Who needs a neck strap?'' At many events I am carrying two cameras. Neck strap needed. I usually have them slung on each shoulder.
  66. The Nikon strap that came with my Nikon D80 is black with Nikon in gold letters so it is not as gaudy as the gold strap on the first page. It is 1 1/2 inches wide. On my F6 I have a Domke Gripper strap which is about the same size, has rubber lines through it so it doesn't slip. My FM2n has a Tamrac strap about the same size, but I think the Domke is much nicer. The Domke was probably less than $ 30.
  67. The Nikon strap that came with my Nikon D80 is black with Nikon in gold letters so it is not as gaudy as the gold strap on the first page. It is 1 1/2 inches wide. On my F6 I have a Domke Gripper strap which is about the same size, has rubber lines through it so it doesn't slip. My FM2n has a Tamrac strap about the same size, but I think the Domke is much nicer. The Domke was probably less than $ 30.
  68. Yup, John, those that you link to look just like the ones I use. I wonder if they hold up as well as the originals. :)
  69. I like the Crumpler Industry Disgrace. Works good on the neck or as a shoulder strap. I find it very comfortable and well made.
  70. I like using an old guitar strap . . . they're comfortable, adjustable, and they do not advertise the value of the camera to potential thieves
  71. 4 pages and counting of posts about stupid camera straps, shouldn't we all go and get lives?​
    I'm always amazed to see references to the pages of posts.
    When this started the first thing I did was to go to "My Workspace" and set the display to all pages showing. I personally find this much more convenient for anybody who is not still using a "300-baud dial-in modem" (remember?). ;)
  72. bms


    Robert Lai , Sep 16, 2011; 05:29 p.m. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the Leica strap yet.​
    Funny, I was going to, though I think the Leica strap attached to a D3 with 70-200 VR wouldbe painful. Never minded the Nikon staps - you think it cries "expensive camera" more than the D3/70-200 combo? I actually never considered changing the straps on my Nikons until now. I have a black rapid for my Leica, mostly because Ifind it more convenient than the Lieca strap. I guess I would try that on my D700....
  73. I don't know why one would want to use a strap that advertises a top camera brand name. The last thing I want is to be seen out in 'pubic' w/ an expensive camera advertised around my neck. I'm going to cover any Nikon logo w/ something like "COSINA" (any suggestions for cheap or comical brand names appreciated) or my last name to help w/ it's identification if stolen, if I can find white print on black tape. You say thief’s are smart enough to pull the tape off? Maybe, maybe not.
    I have no strong feeling for or against Nikon; Canon; whatever brand. They all have their good & bad points. My interest is in not attracting interest of potential thief’s, strong arm robbers, to my slightly expensive camera(s)
    My favorite strap is a 30yr old black leather one that says absolutely nothing. The only way to remove it is by turning it through the key ring, which suites me just fine. I never remove it whether or not it's on a tripod.
    MY 2 cents, JD
  74. I have been in the process of replacing my medium and 35mm camera straps with the excellent Zeiss strap. It is expensive, but is the most comfortable strap I've ever used - and I am using it with a Mamiya 645 Pro TL and my trusty Nikon F4.
    More details here:

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