Nikon F80D (N80QD in USA)

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  1. I have both the N80 and F100. I much prefer the 100, even if it is a heavier camera. The N80 I have has had some issues, but its been so long since I have used it now, I forgot what the issues were. I did use my F100 today, though only for the light meter to shoot some 16mm movie film.
  2. I'm sort of a late participant to Nikon autofocus. My first AF Nikon was an F4, which I bought just a few years ago. And then maybe a year later I bought an N80 for a steal of a price -- $40. I was amazed that I was able to buy such a nice camera for so cheap. I found the stickiness annoying, but I was able to get rid of it by lightly dusting my hands with talcum powder and then just "handling" the camera. The talcum powder becomes translucent, thus once it's been worked in,its invisible. So, that was a couple years ago when I bought the N80, and the stickiness hasn't returned. Anyway, I really like the camera for its full suite of features, its AF speed, the fact that it is very quiet, and it is very light. A very nice tool. More recently I picked up an F100. Quite a bit more robust and heavier than the N80, and to be honest, even though the F100 has a few more features, I think I like my N80 a little better. Oh, and a must-have, in my opinion, is the battery grip. I think it's an MB16? Anyway, it eliminates the somewhat hard to find C123 batteries, replacing them with "AA"s. I also like the added length and heft that it provides.
  3. I do think the N80 is a nice camera. No I don't care for the QD because I don't care for data. However I decided back then to buy the F5 instead. Still I don't care about the data and I bought the Nikon Secretary kit to erase the data.
  4. So long as this post has been reanimated, I'll just note that many of the links to Nikon given above are no longer 'live'.
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