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  1. I looked here and found nuttin on the subject of getting exif data out of my F6. I previously had the META 35 which worked really well up until I had to buy a new laptop. It seems they don't intend to update their software to accommodate the 64 bit architecture. So, I can't find a MV-1 card reader to save my life and if I did, could I even use it? I emailed Meta 35 and asked them if I should just toss the dang connector I bought that is now useless. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I thought you could (nearly) always run 32 bit software under a 64 bit system but v.rarely the other way around?
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    If you search Accessing Nikon F 6 EXIF Data online there is a great deal of information.
  4. I guess you lost your MV-1. I believe you can use the MV-1 without any special software it's stored as *.csv file which you can open either in Excel or a text editor. As far and metal 35 and you didn't throw your old computer away you can keep it and use it or install Windows XP on a hard drive or SSD for your current computer and swap the drive when you need to run it.
    I have the F5 the cable and software to connect to it. I used it to set up custom settings as far as EXIF data I only access the camera to delete it. I never use the EXIF data.
  5. i like the side OS idea. That may be an easier route. I never had themselves-1 cable.
  6. Nope, will not run.
  7. I’ve been looking and not much help.
  8. I've been thinking about buying this software. I have Windows 10 64 bit. Are you saying it won't run?
  9. It should, it’s the Mac w/64 that is the issue.
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  10. The round about complicated way:

    Use VMware Fusion or the like to set up a MacOS Mojave virtual machine. Install the Meta35 software in the Mojave VM and "pass through" the USB connection.

    Not an option on a new one, but the real answer is don't upgrade your computer past MacOS Mojave if you can avoid it.

    With that said, I know I paid good money for my Meta35 set-up. It would be nice if they could provide a 64 bit software update, especially given how many target customers likely are Mac users. I'd be happy to pay(some) for an updated version of the Meta35 software. IMO, it's the nicest, most elegant solution for not just the F6 but also the F5, F100, and N90.
  11. Agreed 100%. I just want the data dang it!
  12. For the record, Windows 10 will be no problem for the Meta35 software. It's only an issue for Mac users running MacOS 10.15 or newer, which dropped all support for 32 bit programs. You can also make Meta35 work by virtualizing Windows in VMWare or Parallels.

    There's some other fun "catches" in the pure 64 bit thing also. If you're a holdout on Lightroom 6/CS 6(as I was for a really long time), the software will continue to run fine. The installers are 32 bit, though, so you won't be able to reinstall.
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  13. I'm wondering when they'll kill off CS6 reinstallation altogether. They've already 'retired' the activation servers for CS3, and unless you registered for the special installer that doesn't need activation when they offered it (quietly, and for a short period) reinstallation is no longer possible, even if you bought the $2000 Master Collection.
  14. I just got VMware with Windows 10 running on my Mac. It works like a charm and I will use this solution for the time being. I don't foresee another way to deal with this "old" way of film so I do what I have to do to get what I want. On a side note, this VMware is really good. They have come a long way from when I fist discovered them in my Linux days.
  15. I love VMWare. As it sits now, I have about a half dozen VMs set up in VMWare on my main computer, including OS X 10.6(for PowerPC software), WIndows XP, Windows 7, and CentOS. Admittedly my CentOS VM hasn't been started in a LONG time since I installed it to run one specific piece of software that has since been compiled for macOS. Still, though, it's great and integrates seamlessly with macOS.
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  16. I've done it and it works brilliantly. Thank to everyone here for the help. Problems solved.
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