Nikon F3HP Flash?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I have a Nikon F3HP. I've been getting really interested in flash photography, and I was wondering what flash to buy for this camera. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  2. SCL


    I've used a variety of older flashes and they all worked well. Just remember that there is a unique adapter for flash units' attachment to this particular model.
  3. Nikon SB-16A (with AS-8 flash coupler). Designed specifically to fit the unique flash mount of the F3 series. If you want to use TTL flash with the F3, this is the unit to get. TTL, non-TTL Auto and Manual flash.
    See more info here: SB-16A
    If you just want to do basic non-TTL auto-flash or full manual flash, then just about any Nikon or third party flash (such as the Vivitar 283/285HV) with a standard ISO flash foot can be fitted to the F3 flash hotshoe with an inexpensive Nikon AS-4 adapter (link).
  4. Can I use that detached from the camera as well? As a handheld unit?
  5. "Can I use that detached..."
    Yes, but you would need an SC-14 remote cord for TTL flash. They might be hard to find now. See here: (link)
    For non-TTL Auto or Manual flash, the SB-16 has a standard PC sync terminal: (link)
  6. Metz made a number of flashes that were TTL compatible with the F3.
  7. Any of the Sunpaks that use the removable foot/module work well on the F3 using the NE-3D module, inc the giant 622 potato masher. Check KEH for various 3rd party F3 modules.
  8. the two speedlights made by nikon for the f3 are the sb-16a and sb-17. as mentioned by les, a good option is to go for the as-17. it allows you to use most flash (ttl) for nikon on the f3
  9. Which would you guys recommend for the F3? SB-16A or SB-17? And the AS-17 you are talking about, that would only be to connect other flashes with the F3 right?
  10. Yeah the AS-17 is to connect the F3 to flashes designed for other Nikon cameras like the FE2, FA, F100 etc... and it's not cheap.
    The 16A is bigger and has more power and more flexible and cheap. It quite heavy and tend to wooble a bit. The SB-17 is nice as it's compact and cute. It is also great for producing red eye. The SB-16B is a lot more expensive than the SB-16A. That is if you want to stay with Nikon flashes. I have used the Metz 60CT2 and 60CT4 with the F3 and they work great but they are handle mount flash and large.
  11. Sunpak NE-3D module ($6) and a 422D flash for $40, at KEH will do as well.
  12. The SB16A is a really good flash unit, and often is pretty cheap because it's not a unit that can be used with a standard ISO hot shoe.
  13. If you have any aspirations about "strobist" photography, then you might want to steer clear of the SB-16.
    As others have mentioned, the SB-16A was designed for the camera, it has a good guide number, and it's cheap. But it's cheap because it lacks features that have been a standard on flashes for 25+ years -- like variable intensity manual output. The SB-16's manual mode is full-output only. Personally, I don't find flashes with full-output manual mode to be of any value at all; that's a detriment that keeps me from being interested in the SB-16. For my purposes, I want a flash that I can use in conjunction with other bodies and flashes in a system environment. and for me that means adjustable manual output. If you only want to use the flash with the F3, and not as part of a multiple device system, then the SB-16's TTL capabilities would probably fill you needs. OTOH if you have any interest using manual mode at anything other than full output, then it might be worth considering the adapter that allows you to use a flash unit with adjustable manual output.
  14. I have the SB-16a and use it on the F3. Besides the fact that it's tall, heavy and tend to wooble I think it's fine flash unit. TTL function works well enough and the flash head till and swivel. Good for quick shot in a small package.
    For a more controlled setup I use the Metz 60CT4 besides from its high power, it can do TTL well with the F3, I has 11 Non TTL auto ranges, 9 stops of manual power level in 1/3 stop increments.
  15. When using TTL flash with my F3, I get a half-stop overexposure. I have to adjust the exposure compensation lever to get optimum results.

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