Nikon F100 Almost as Good as The F6

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by Henricvs, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. In a long lifetime of owning and using every Nikon film and digital camera from the top half of their ranges I have to say they have done me proud. Other brands have sometimes failed me but never Nikon. From the F to the F6, the FE, FM, 100, 90,etc, what a range of excellence ! I can not name a weak camera from these, the F80 is a great starter choice and certainly the F100 is a classic. Now I take 95% of my film photos with one body and one lens, an F6 with 24mm 1.4 G lens, I have found the best for me. All the best to all Nikon users, whatever the model.
  2. I sort of agree but from a different perspective. Brand "loyalty". As a kid in the 1960's I liked Minolta's innovated approach and really liked the SR7. And then in the 70's they brought out the XK with interchangeable finders which my wife used 3 bodies with plain prisms for her watercolor portrait business for may years before going digital with Sony A850. She still relied on a hand held meter starting with a Minolta 111 that lasted 20+years before being replaced by my Sekonic L508 in the late 90's. That Sekonic is as it said in the original ads "the last meter you will ever need" and is still going strong today.

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