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  1. This is my first to this forum and from the other posts I just read I'm glad I joined.
    I bought a d800e a short while ago to replace my stolen d300 and its an awesome tool for taking photos. Recently I looked into a motor drive for the 800 for various reasons.
    Shopping locally the store has the MB-d12 and the Meike unit. Both appear to have similar features, and weight. With not much difference in construction. However, both, even the Nikon unit, as kind of thrown together. The price difference is significant and even the dealer proposed that Meike unit was nearly identical.
    I am not looking to send less, tried that before and got burned. Its just in this case both units seem the same.
    So what is the better grip?
  3. They're not "the same". The Nikon grips are made to a tighter spec from more sturdy components.
    But for $50 for the Meike, vs. $369 for the Nikon, a lot of people won't mind. (Apparently the $369 is a discounted price and list is $616. That's just... I mean... I really don't have words for it. )
  4. Can anyone tell me if the battery holders for the two grips are interchangeable?

    I just realized that when I bought the a replacement AA holder for my MB-D12, for the same price I could have bought the Meike, kept the battery holders, and thrown out the rest!
  5. I got a Vertex grip for my D800, not the Meike but I'm very satisfied. Had the same concerns as you. I've bought the Nikon grip for both my D300 and D7000 and cannot tell any difference in actual use. Nikon's price on the MB12 is absurd.
  6. $616 ?? Ha Ha Ha! That really is absolutely ludicrous!
    It's just an empty battery box with some switches and an AA holder....:-(
    There were quite a few people who had problems with MB-D10 clones with D300s and D700s. I haven't heard any about the MB-D12 copies. I'd try one for less than the price of an EN-EL15!
    $616 and batteries NOT included.....bad joke!
  7. "With not much difference in construction"

    I have both. Visually there are not many differences. But the Nikon is much better built/stronger. If you plan on using a tripod, the Nikon is the right choice as the area around the mount does not appear to be very strong with the Meike, which was the reason I upgraded. If you don't, don't worry about it
    Also, you cannot use the EN-EL18A battery with the Meike grip, which enable you to get 6fps in EX mode.
    There are used genuine Nikon grips available for well under $300.
  8. Never heard of this brand....
    'BTBAI'....UK EBAY No.121096935447

    ...but it offers the lot including a clone EN-EL18, all for £69 ($100). It has a car charger, a mains charger and a heap of battery holders.
  9. Has anyone tried using a Kirk or Really Right Stuff L-bracket with an off-brand grip? Does the L-bracket snugly fit the contours? Can the battery be changed without removing the bracket?
  10. I've tried out a couple of 3rd party grips for the D800. They seem to vary in size and quality a lot more than the MB-D10 clones do. One make that I tried was far too big to wrap my fingers around comfortably (I don't consider I've got small hands either), while another make fitted better but just felt really cheaply made. As a result I've yet to buy a battery grip for the D800, since the Nikon offering is ridiculously overpriced.
    I think "try before you buy" is a good policy with these things if possible. As well as making sure that it has the features you want - some have an IR remote control built in for example, or take 2x EN-EL15 as well as an AA holder. The AA holder for my MB-D10 clone is useless BTW; if using rechargeables it only gets about 40 shots before the camera switches back to internal power, and feeding it on alkalines is like throwing money away.
  11. I bought the MB-D12 and bought the Kirk L bracket. While I agree that the MB-D12 is over priced, I am happy with its
    performance on a tripod. I have had less than positive experience with third party knock off accessories and feel that it is
    better to get it right the first time. I realize that there there can be exceptions and reputable dealers sell third party grips.
    Rodeo Joe's comment about trying it before you buy is a good one or at the very least purchase a cheap grip with the
    knowledge that you should be prepared to return it. Good hunting.
  12. The Meike grip really is a cut above other third party battery grips. On the D800E I have had absolutely no problems with it. I have used other brands on other cameras and found problems sooner or later. So far, I can't find a thing to complain about with the Meike for the D800/E.
    Cameras are like automobiles. It is the accessories that add up to really high prices. I really like to buy genuine Nikon on just about everything--certainly on lenses. In this case, however, I really can't justify it.
  13. And the entire grip is only an empty battery holder. There is no motor, no battery inside that thing.
  14. And the entire grip is only an empty battery holder. There is no motor, no battery inside that thing​
    Oh dear, dissapointment, will have to settle for manual sensor transport then... ;p
    Damm cannot find the transport lever either ! :)

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