Nikon D5 drains battery when turned off

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by leon_pugh, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. I'm glad the mystery has been resolved (a lesson, if I needed one, not to drop a D5) - but have you got any closer to actually solving the battery drain issue?
  2. The mystery was fully solved this morning.

    I was fuzzy on what happened when I posted the last update.
    This morning, I woke remembering that I had whacked the camera while walking briskly through the hotel lobby, D5 and large lens (500mm f/4 I think) attached.
    As I was walking briskly, the camera/lens impacted something in the lobby , a low corner of a very solid table or some stone bench or such. (I recently found my eyeglass prescription had changed and I now have new lenses , a bit late it seems !!!)
    It was a hard impact and I feared for my lens. I took some images to verify the lens was OK. It was, the images were sharp and focus was good across the frame. So I guess I forgot about it. I was more scared for the lens than I was for the camera.
    However,.. that is precisely when my problem started. The battery started to drain, and Nikon tells me that the Bayonet was broken.
    : (
    I am glad I figured it out.
    I was quite upset with nikon thinking it should have been repaired under warranty!
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  3. Thanks, Leon. That makes sense. I'm hoping you didn't have a 500mm hanging off the camera (just trying to imagine your accident), otherwise I'm not surprised the bayonet died.

    That said, I thought you said Nikon replaced the bayonet and it was still draining?

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