Nikon announces VIEWNX 2 & New Coolpix cam's

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  1. Thanks for the link CPM; hope it seizes up my PC less than the old version.
  2. I am trying it now and it is playing well with my computer. I like the new layout
  3. After a few minutes of use, it refuses to show images on screen apart from the thumbnail view. I.e. full screen - no image displayed, window is not updated and the View NX2 process appears not to consume CPU time.
    Typical Nikon software - you really have to wonder if they heard of testing or debugging before release.
  4. That conclusion re Nikon software may be premature: it works fine for me! Maybe give it a few more minutes?
  5. I just downloaded View NX2. It operates under 32 bit if you have win 7 64 bit. I like the new layout. It works a dual monitor set up like View NX. However, View NX2 has not fixed the problem with Slide Show this still is not working on my pc. I really like this feature when it was working. I have win 7 64 bit. Looks like I will have to send more emails to Nikon and NIK. Joe Smith
  6. Everything works fine, and fast on my Fujitsu Tablet PC (3 gigs, Vista).
  7. it works fine for me
    Yeah, well, a given software should work correctly on all systems that match the system requirements including hardware and operating system, not just one. Nikon seems to think that it's ok to just test it on the developer's own setup, and with the nonexistent understanding of the operating environment that their programmers have, the functionality doesn't extend to other computers. Nikon would improve its reputation so much if they would hire qualified programmers for their software and do testing on a variety of computer configurations like every decent software company does.
  8. Just installed it on a notebook, and its menu bars and such eats much more screen than old ViewNX; a pity. Also the split between edit mode and browse mode is a bit unneeded, in my opinion. Otherwise, seems a bit snappier and faster to render the RAW previews. I like the new look. And it puts back a bit of hope for Capture NX 3 :)
    Joseph, most software runs as 32-bits software on 64-bits OS'es. There is nothing wrong with that; only software that can require seriously massive amounts of memory (photoshop is a nice example) benefits from 64-bits. But unlike what many seem to think, it is not all that straightforward to convert 32-bits software to 64, and so most of the time, we're better of with a company focussing on 1 version to create, maintain and support. The problem with the Slide Show, you may want to look at Quicktime (set it to safe GDI rendering); the ViewNX2 installer even warns for this issue.
  9. Wouter, I just checked the download instructuions at for windows and did not see any reference to Quicktime that you were referring to. Could you please post a link where you are finding such info?
    The president of NIK sent out an email last week or the week before that they were in the process of updating 32 bit softwares to 64 bit, and that they were going to release them one by one. That is why I made the comment about 32 bit vs 64 bit.
    Slide Show used to work in Nikon View NX on my pc under win XP Pro. My recollection is that it stopped working when View VX was upgraded; I forgot when. I got then and get now an error message that refers to Quicktime. Nikon told me that Quicktime is a Mac related. (But I have windows.) All that I know is that I am confused and would like Slide Show to work like it used to.
    Joe Smith
  10. I believe it would be helpful if users who are reporting problems would give at least minimal info about their PC setup. Such as OS (version and release level), CPU (type and speed), amount of RAM, possibly display card type (& memory). Information given would then be useful to others.

    If certain combinations have the same problems it might be helpful to Nikon as well.

    For example (this PC): WinXP SP3, AMD 64 X2 Dual Core 2.51 ghz, 3.5 gb ram, nVidia GeForce 9500 GT 1 gb dual display.

    So far: I've noticed that the large view only partly works, it will flash up when you first select it, but than goes black and blinks on occasionally. May have to revert to ver 1.5.
  11. After further use I've noticed that like Ilkka Nissila said, it appears to not use CPU time, however, it is actually using so many graphics resources that Task Manager can not update itself! Will definitly be going back to 1.5, it works fine.
  12. Joseph,
    From the readme file of ViewNX 2:
    8. Slideshow
    8.1 Playing Movies (Windows only)
    If you have problem using the transition function of the ViewNX 2 slideshow or during movie playback, please try the following;
    (i) Quit ViewNX 2.
    (ii) Open the QuickTime preferences.
    (iii) Select the "Advanced" tab.
    (iv) Select "Safe mode (GDI only)".
    (v) Close the QuickTime preferences and try ViewNX 2 again.
    For me, this trick worked with ViewNX 1.4, when slideshows would crash when using transitions (without transitions, it ran fine) - it's worth the shot. The Quicktime preferences are in the control panel.
  13. Wouter, thank you for that information. Very interesting. However it differes from the information found in both read me files for Nikon View NX2 at where I downloaded my version.
    Neither the windows nor Mac redme file mentions Quicktime. Here is an excert from the windows readme file:
    (From the read me file for windows Nikon view nx2,
    Restrictions on Nikon Movie Editor
    Movies up to 30 minutes in length can be edited.
    • Depending upon the computer system (CPU), Nikon Movie Editor may quit unexpectedly when a project containing multiple movie and/or still image files is previewed or exported.
    • The following is a general guide for the number of files that can be safely contained in a Nikon Movie Editor project. However, these numbers may vary somewhat depending upon the system.
        • Core 2 Duo: A project containing 4 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and 2 still images can be previewed and exported.
        • Core 2 Quad: A project containing 3 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
        • Core i3: A project containing 3 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
        • Core i5: A project containing 3 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
        • Core i7: A project containing 2 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
      • Note: However, when H.264 movies recorded at 720p and lower are used, the number of movie files and still images that can be used in a project increases.
      • When only Motion JPEG (1080p) movies are used, the number of files that can be safely used in a Nikon Movie Editor project changes as follows:
        • Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, Core i5: A project containing up to 30 movies can be previewed and exported.
        • Core i7: A project containing up to 19 movies can be previewed and exported.
    Joe Smith
  14. The Slideshow problem has been solved for both Nikon View NX and View NX2, I just received an email from Nikon tech support which stated that Quicktime is needed for Slideshows and Movies even for the windows version. I downloaded Quicktime 7 from the Apple site for free onto my windows 7 pc and found that View nx2 slideshow now is working. I then tried View NX (it is not overridden by View NX2) and Slideshow is now working too. I do not know why Nikon could not have told me this over a year ago. But at least I now know. Joe Smith
  15. bmm


    Surprised at some of the negative reaction to ViewNX2. I've just got my computer back (was in a shipping container for 13 weeks as I've just moved from Australia to Europe) and uploaded all current versions of software including this new update, and to me it is a good enhancement of the product.
    My only gripe remains that nowhere in the View or Capture programs is there an integrated way of doing borders and watermarks/signatures, nor has Nik software put such capability into one of their plug-ins. It seems like an obvious thing to do which would be welcomed by many people.
  16. No excitement about the Coolpix cams I guess........Where is this "G11 killer?"
  17. My only negative reaction to View NX2 is: Why did I buy Capture NX2? I downloaded and installed View NX2 (no problems like others have reported), and it looks like it will do everything I've been using Capture NX2 for. I am relatively new to Capture NX2, so will someone please in all seriousness point out to me what I can do in Capture that I can't do in the new View? Thanks -- looking forward to those responses. OK -- I just answered one question -- straigtening works much better in Capture NX2.
  18. Capture NX2 has the Control Point technology, which is essential for my work. Is there any point in downloading this, i.e. does View NX2 work together with Capture NX2?
  19. Well, I was going to give it a chance since I used ViewNX with WinXP - up until it started freezing up. I suspect it was in reaction to some sort of Windows update, but I'm not computer savvy enough to track that down.
    I had a hard drive crash and reinstalled using Windows 7, same issue with ViewNX. Since reading this about an hour ago I downloaded and installed NX2. Sorry to say I never got past the opening screen and the dreaded "ViewNX2 has stopped working" box appears.
    I give up until it's worked out. A shame since I like the program and use CaptureNX2 regularly with no problems.
  20. In my PC it will not work at all (it does not start). It is an older Athlon 64x2 core 5000+, 4GB ram. Windows XP sp3. On my work PC it works fine, and I am positive, though the designer who chose black-on-dark-grey for the menus deserve to die slowly in serious pain...
    Any idea why not working here? I rebooted already, next may be a re-install....
  21. and now I have re-installed without any effect...
  22. Installed it and working like a dream on my mac. Will try the windows version when I have a working pc again.
  23. I do not get so much as a start up screen. "Starting" the programme results i 3 secs of hard disc activity but nothing else...
  24. ViewNX2 cannot perform levels and curves, LCD, and other more sophisticated RAW adjustments like Nikon Capture NX2 and of course it does not have control points either.
    I have no trouble running View NX2 on an old Dell Inspirion laptop with Xp Pro with only 2 GB RAM and a new win 7desktop pc with lots of RAM.
    Joe Smith
  25. Thanks, Joseph and Ronald. Forgot about the control points. Haven't weaned myself off Photoshop enough to be totally familiar with those in Capture NX2. But I will get there.
  26. Is it any chance to have ViewNX working under LINUX?...
  27. Mihai,
    THe only thing I could think of is in a windows , or mac OS virtual machine in VMware or similar, but that remains a gamble because it seems to need an up to date version of QuickTime....
  28. Very ambitious, I would be happy to have it running on my normal windows machine :-(
  29. Hi Jan,
    Some idea's ...
    -Do you have the latest version of Quicktime installed ?
    -Outlook running , switch it off because it seems not compatible with a lot of stuff on XP...
    - Up to date Java installed ( it seems to use Java too..).
    - Direct-x 9.0 or later is needed.
  30. Hi C. P. M
    Thx a lot for your suggestions. Unfortunately after updating the QT, Java and Direct-x (not using outlook), View NX2 still will not start. Seems I will have to stick with 1.4 or should I go to 1.5.2...
    best wishes

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