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  1. I forgot about them in my opening post, but I do have an EL and EL2 also. In fact, I have two of the latter, and they are high on my list of favorite film Nikons. The only slightly annoying thing is that you can inadvertently drain the battery if you use the lock collar on the shutter button(I always just use the lever like the other Nikkormats, the F2, and the following FM/FE/FA series).

    The EL2 is especially nice for its silicon photocell.

    In other news, my FS arrived today and the FT should be here tomorrow. I'm hoping to write up the whole Nikkormat family soon.
  2. Here's a quicky that hopefully I can follow up with a better photo...

  3. ]


    I am a Nikomat FTn owner myself, complete with Nikomat everready case, and 50 1.4 Nikkor lens. It's in excellent condition, and always reliable and a joy to take pictures with. Superb handling.
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  4. I am blessed. I just took possession of a well kept FT3. They are bigger than I rememberr. I had/have no such budget. But the quality feel of these fine cameras does shine through!! Lucky me!!
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  5. I've had most Nikkormat models but for some reason my favourite is the original FT (not N). It's quite hard to find, only having been made for a short period. The FTN had a long production run and is much more common. I like the FT's method of setting the ISO against the lens maximum aperture, it seems just as easy as the later Nikon shuffle type. And setting the film speed on the FTN is hard on the fingernails.
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  6. My first was an FTn. I had become a stringer for the Courier Journal in Louisville, and since their full-time staff shot Nikon, I figured an affordable alternative would be the Nikkormat FTn (1973). I had access to the equipment room, and I could check out various Nikkors for a few days at a time, when I needed something besides the 50mm f/1.4. My favorite, and I eventually bought one, was the 105mm f/2.5. I liked it because I could stand back a bit, and still "get close". Pushing Tri-X to ISO 1200, even 1600 was daring, but what a thrill!
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  7. I agree with Mr. Seaman. I have Nikkormats FT, FTN and EL and I also prefer the original FT for some reason. It just seems to feel the best and I like the averaging meter.
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  8. Love my Nikkormats, but afraid I fall in with those that prefer the FTn (and later) over the original FT. It isn't just that the ASA setting is a bit weird: every FT thats come my way had either a dead meter or major issues with the ASA ring resistor. My luck's been much better with post-FT variants. Of the couple dozen I've owned (most bought for the lenses on them), the sweet spot in price/condition/practicality was the FT2: the meters usually still work well and they take modern S76 batteries. Despite this, my personal preference is FTn (for the prism styling) and scarce FT3 (for the convenient battery and AI features).

    This is my little family of "keeper" Nikkormats: FTn (1st version), FT3, and two FTn "Apollo" versions. Each sports a different variant of of fast-aperture 35mm Nikkor lens. Out of boredom, I was doing a bokeh comparison at close distances yesterday to see how well each 35 tracks with their historical reputation. Under controlled conditions, the reps match my own general experience of each. Bokeh of the 35/2 is best with the scallop-ring Pre-AI O and OC, followed closely by the AI/K, with the AIS being slightly harsher. Minimal differences in real-world use, but the bokeh-obsessed will prefer pre-AI. The 35/1.4 AIS bokeh tracks very close to the 35/2 AIS at the same apertures, but is harsher/busier close up due to the floating element correction.

    Nikkormat Quartet Sm.jpg
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  9. I need to find a source for my Nikon F3 decal has worn off and nearly gone. Is there any possibility of a repair shop that can fix this for me? Or a place to buy and install myself.[​IMG]

    100_1970 (2).JPG
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  10. Wow!!! @orsetto , they look like brand new. :)
  11. Thats due to the (unpredictable) blemish concealing property of the camera in my ancient Windows 8 cell phone. ;)

    The two silver FTn really are mint, an amazing Goodwill find.

    The black FTn at bottom is your typical "looks great from two feet away but held in your hand you see lots of paint wear" examples: no dents or deep scratches, but lots of paint rubs and enamel wear. Also the viewfinder is pretty dirty. It was "Frankensteined" out of several broken parts bodies that I got for nearly free, and isn't an accurate reconstruction (the main body is an original FTn, the "Apollo" plastic-tip advance and self timer levers don't really go with it), baseplate and battery cap were donated by an FT2. It works fine despite its patchwork, and was an inexpensive way to acquire a relatively clean black FTn Apollo version (you can find these easily in silver, but most of the black seem to have been run over by a truck and have ludicrous asking prices).

    The black FT3 at top would be 100% mint, except some klutz former owner somehow managed to bash in the front of the prism housing. Its like new otherwise, and my favorite Nikkormat to shoot with, but every time I pick it up I want to find the former owner and crack them in the head with it. OTOH, the dent meant I got it for almost nothing: it came attached to a pristine 135mm f/2.8 pre-AI Nikkor.
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  12. F7E3A00E-6F38-4300-ABBD-DD039C6AD6BC.jpeg
    I used my Dad’s EL to take some snapshots today. Fun camera to use.

    (This photo is vertical prior to upload so forgive the horizontal orientation)
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