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  1. s.

    I love these photos.

    Is this a subway museum or a movie set?
  2. These are nice Sam.... 2, 3, and 4 especially have a unique flavor
    and seem like some of the best stuff you've done. What do you
    think? The first one might benefit from a little better printing....
  3. I agree 2 is the strongest, and 3 and 4 are also good. Wish there was more detail in the man's face in 4.

    Definately some of your best work. Nice sense of atmosphere.
  4. Hmmm...ancient train, modern turnstiles. Did I miss a once-in-a-century photo op recently?
  5. Yes, very good shots. I too recently did some shooting on the LA Red Line subway (North Hollywood to Union Station). I was a little leary at first because I was unsure if I was crossing a legal line in doing so. Subways of course are a terrorist target at times. However, I figured that a subway is till considered a public place so I went along my merry way and shot about 7 frames of a 120 roll of Delta 3200. Nobody said anything, but then I find the waist level finder to be a discreet way of shooting, especially with a RZ67!
  6. Interesting color. I really go for 2,3 and 4. Nice shtuff.
  7. #3 is my favourite. But the sign on #4!! Anyone remember the days of smoking on a trolley in New York?
  8. #3 and #1. Nice feeling...
  9. I really like the third shot. It has a really nice feel to it and the composition is goo too. The fourth shot is good too. It almost looks like they're going to hang you for smoking on the subway with the pull coard hangind down like a noose. Sounds more like California. :)

  10. #4 for me.
  11. ...#1 close 2nd.
  12. I see that we all have our favorites. I love number three with the hand holding thingies hanging down.

    These photos have an old-time feel to it, so I looked closer. One of the wall signs was an ad for war bonds?!?!? Number 1, with the kid in front of a Campbells soup ad looks like it was taken in the early 1900s. Was this an historical subway?
  13. How old is this subway car?
  14. really nice colour, I love these shots, what film did you use?
  15. I shot two rolls of Portra 400NC, 120.
  16. I think #3 is the strongest. Some of the others suffer from being
    underexposed - none of the fast color neg films are anything like
    as fast as their rated speeds. If the light's really low you'd be
    better off using Portra 800 or NPZ and, theoretically,
    overexposing by a stop - it would give better results than
    underexposed 400.
  17. Nice shots Sam! #3 for me is best. See, I told ya, just keep shooting.
  18. Gorgeous images, beautiful color. Ive been shooting VC, might be time to shoot some NC.
  19. How old is this subway car?
    Can't say for certain on the car (other than older), but the poster is from 1950 -- the founding of the United Nations was October 24, 1945, according to this page.
  20. R9s on the line! The cars are form 1930. They ran on the W line for the centenial. (I'm Flatbush Ave Kid on Readers Diaries) Nice shots, if you look on the forum, you'll see a lot more!
  21. 3 keeps the mood;f=23;t=007144;f=23;t=007123
    More pics!
  22. 3 keeps the mood;f=23;t=007144;f=23;t=007123

    More pics!
  23. Leo, thanks for the info. Wish I knew you guys earlier ;-) You can also post links to this thread on other sites.
    This photo by philip Lee is my favorite: .
    I didn't get shot of the train as half good as his. However, since I am more interested in people, I shouldn't be too disappointed ;-)
  24. Thanks!
  25. Very recently I saw the MTA test driving the old train that's in Phillip Lee's picture on the Astoria Line.

    That's a great shot he got from the Queensboro Plaza Platform of the old train going up the N line to Astoria while the "modern" 7 train heads toward Flushing.

    The actor Christopher Walken, whose family owned the Walkens bakery on Broadway in Astoria, has often commented about that 90 degree turn from the Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge ramp to Astoria.
  26. I dig that old industrial green, the incandescent (warm) lighting and the fans. I remember vaguely riding them in 1956...
  27. There is so much response here to this thread (on and offline) that I going to print it off to read I think. Thanks everyone. Has not helped me at all in quelling the urge. Even a very recent E++, boxed, Rolleiflex 2.8GX with leather case (here in UK) costs about the same as a good M6 TTL body. I am also researching the Rolleiflex T as there is an excellent++ one for 245 GBP with case ...
  28. Damn, I answered in the wrong thread entirely.!! Sorry.
  29. The MTA is about to BAN all photography in the Subways.

    There is a meeting of the NYC TransitRiders Council on Wednesday April 6 2005 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm where you can voice your opinion. for more information call 212 878 7087...

    If cannot attend the meeting you can email.... with the your name, address and comments and ask her to pass your request to the meeting.

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