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  1. Need to locate a source for the obsolete size 122 b&w roll film. I have some spools and backing-paper which can be reused. I need a slow film which can be developed in D-76, and fixed with ordinary Rapid Fixer. Additionally, I'd be very glad to obtain a 122 film apron in good, flexible condition --or (and they DID make them!) a Nikor stainless 122 reel (but the plastic apron is preferred).
    Years ago (like 50 years, alas) I used Kodak VP122 b&w film in my Kodak Autographic camera to shoot really nice long-exposure (like 30+ seconds) indoor pictures using natural light. I wish to revisit this pastime for a while. Nearly a decade ago maybe, I remember seeing a passing mention somewhere that the Chinese then were making and selling versions of most of the obsolete roll films, but I've lost track of this. Hopefully, someone here may have current information. Thanks for whatever help youall can offer!
  2. Film For Classics USED to make this size, but no more. As far as I know, you'll either have to find someone that's willing to cut 9.5" Aerial film down to 122 size or convert your camera to shoot sheet film. The 122 reels are very, very scarce. If you ever get anything together on a roll you'll have to tray develop it.
  3. The 122 reels show up every 2 to 3 years on eBay. Instead, you may need to cut a 120 reel in half, and lengthen it with stainless steel tubing and epoxy.
    NOS Verichrome Pan 122 shows up on eBay pretty often, better to buy larger lots so you can characterize it. The rolls that expired in 1969 to 1973 are really still in pretty good shape, expose at EI 80 to 100, add 15% to the development time in HC-110. Lots of people hoarded it when it was discontinued, there was even an extra run done (expired in 1974?) due to protest by customers.
    You won't be competing with me (anymore) for VP122 on eBay, I have all that I can fit in the film fridge and freezer. I use it in my 3A folders, and the 3A Panoram.
    The last Ilford Ultra-Large-Format custom run included some long roll sizes that could be slit down to 122 size.
    I've slit some 5-inch Cirkut rolls of Vericolor III down to 122 size.
  4. The upcoming 2013 Ilford ultra large format order might include film rolls with 122 width if minimum order is met. Please consider joining:
  5. Quite a few folks have expressed interest in 122 width in that forum thread! They were speculating maybe HP5+.
    Also, it was a 10 inch Cirkut roll I slit, gives you two 92mm widths (122), and a leftover 70mm width (116/616).
  6. eBay item 140962919417 is 20 rolls of VP122, expired 1972, for $275 (Buy-it-Now). That's a little steep, but not insanely steep. You get a lot of square inches of film in each roll. I have no association with, or experience with, the seller.
  7. I've loaded a few rolls for my Kodak 3A. I brought old Verichrome Pan rolls off Ebay for the spindle and backing paper and cut 5" Aerial film down to fit. After doing this a few times I decided it probably wasn't worth the effort. I picked up a couple old falling plate box cameras (a 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 and a 4x5). They both seem usable, although I haven't tried them yet.
  8. Usual eBay price is between $10 and $15 a roll. 20 for $275 is within the range, if you want 20 rolls.
    I developed last year a roll of VP126 that I shot 40 years ago, and it came out just fine.
    Otherwise, I could get in the mood to cut down 4x5 sheet film and shoot one at a time, loaded in a changing bag.
  9. I've got my name on Simon's list, you bet.
    122 stock can be also used to respool 124 and 125, but these are much rarer.
    Note that new plastic 90mm spools are available from here. They will cheerfully cut them for you in any width you want. They're too wide for any currently made tank, though, so you'll have to develop them in the dark.
  10. The eBay seller is down to $200 for 20 rolls.
    But I will definitely buy 100 feet of Ilford HP5+, since they have already confirmed it will be on the 2013 ULF run. I have accumulated quite a few empty VP122 backing papers, although some are shredded at the edge.
  11. The eBay seller re-listed the 20 rolls at $120, and they sold in a flash.
    Meanwhile, Ilford's 2013 ULF list is up, and it includes 122 film in 50 foot lengths. (They're calling 82.55mm wide, but will measure some vintage Kodak film to get exactly the right size.)
  12. Still didn't sell for $200, but $10/roll is about right.
  13. The press release is available, and they fixed the size to 91.75mm.
    Price in NY is about $188 for 50' of film (about 16+ rolls), which works out to about $12/roll more or less. More if you have to buy backing paper as well: that's around $100 for 100'. A dollar a foot seems a bit high for something you can collect for free at your local pro lab if you still have one, but whatever, and it's only available in 61mm wide (i.e. 120 size) because that's how it's manufactured, so you need double width, or 1-1/2 width if you slit it carefully. . Figure on getting 75 feet of 122 width more or less, so you get also 15 rolls, which works out to about six or seven dollars a roll just for the backing paper. Exeter paper is probably cheaper.
    (Exeter paper is gloss black on one side, matte black on the other, is 26 inches wide (enough for 7 strips of 122 width) and costs $3/foot with a minimum order of 25 feet. $100 will buy you 33+ feet, which is enough for 35 rolls.)
    Now I have to decide whether to grab the film, the backing paper, the Exeter paper, or what... money's tight at the moment.
  14. IF you are still looking for this film, a friend has decided to sell his.
    Verichrome PAN VP 122
    13 sealed boxes exp 12/1971
    twitter @AlastairCook

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