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  1. Heres an idea I have for sharing lesser known places for Nature photography. We all know about the US National Parks like Yellowstone, Acadia, Zion etc but how many people known about places like Barnegat Lighthouse in New Jersey or Conowingo Dam in Maryland? Both are East Coast locations in easy traveling distance for many. How about posting your lesser known locations.
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  2. Conowingo Dam in Maryland.

    A Hydro Electric Dam across the Susquehanna River, in Fall and Winter it attracts hundreds of Bald Eagles which feed on fish stunned when the station is generating electricity.

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    When we lived on the (US) East Coast, our favorite places include Cape May, New Jersey and Chincoteague Island in Virginia. There are a lot of places for bird photography in Florida, but those bird species have already been photographed to no end.
  4. Yep, Cape May is awesome as is Chincoteague. It's the lesser know places that members could share. In Florida have you been to Little Estero Lagoon? It's just South of Fort Myers Beach. If this thread takes off I'll post where to go.
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    Some of us are fortunate enough not to live in the USA. Is this thread intended to be international ? If so, the Norfolk Broads certainly qualify, in my view.
  6. LOL.

    Well with Clay, Blakeney and Titchwell on your doorstep you can certainly add those for the UK members. Norfolk has so many excellent little known nature locations.
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  7. It’s not the USA that’s the problem. It’s our deranged head of state.
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  8. How about Idaho? (And can we please keep the non-photography-related political commentary in check?:confused:)
    Craters of the Moon National Monument:
    Gnarled Roots-02bw-a-small.jpg

    And another from the Idaho lava fields, a burrowing owl:
    Burrowing Owl-6895a-sml.jpg
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    Cheers, Mike,

    Unfortunately, Titchwell is a three hour bus journey from Norwich, and with the winter timetable I have to catch the bus back half an hour before I get there !
    At least I can manage four hours at Cley when I go. There are further nature reserves locally as well, as you indicate, and many other areas that repay exploration.

    My earlier comment was not intended to be taken in a political context - apologies if it was misconstrued.
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    Yes, please avoid any comments about politics, and religion, international conflicts .... There are more than enough venues for those comments, too many IMO.

    Since the OP mentioned US East Coast locations, I added a few. I have been to plenty of exotic locations; e.g. I have been to the Galápagos Islands three times, but a lot of my best nature images were captured locally, mainly because I can go there often, at the right times of the year and the right time of the day. I can provide examples local to me, the San Francisco area. But unless you also live there, it probably won’t help you much.
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  11. In the vast "fly-over" parts of the country, there is a number of National Forests and over-looked state parks.
  12. How about sharing a few so that others may benefit.
  13. Given the vast distances involved, I can't see that specific locations are all that helpful.

    There is, of course, something called Google™.

    midwestern national forests - Google Search
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    JDM beat me to it, but another productive Search photographing nature in the U.S. In reality though, without specific target subjects, we are surrounded by nature - I've gotten Hawks in urban office parks, deer on basketball courts, etc the randomness can be interesting.

    BTW depending on your definition of nature (and beyond), this site is useful as well.
    Roadside America - Guide to Uniquely Odd Tourist Attractions
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  15. Ok, Ok I get it. Nobody is interested.
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    Sorry, that was not the intent, either on my part or, I'm pretty certain, JDMs. There is just such a broad scope of opportunity for nature shots, and the interests of nature photographers that it is difficult. I live in rural Montana - there are hundreds of places near and far in the state - all are opportunities for some nature photographers, others not so much, depends on desired subject. I could spend months just on my property with subjects of interest virtually any day, light and weather permitting. I suspect if you asked about Birds, Bugs, Wolves, etc you might get more useful input. Certainly not disinterested, again sorry if I gave that impression.
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  17. Tony Parsons

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    May I point out (tongue firmly in cheek !) that Nature Photography requires patience :)

    I think this thread is going to run and run, with helpful suggestions from people all over the globe - after all, you made the original post less than 24 hours ago. Maybe contributors, when they post a photo in this forum, would be kind enough to state where it was taken (assuming in a legally-accessible public location, of course), to suggest to others possibilities they may not have considered. They may even use my own garden, on payment of a £5 parking fee. :):):)

  18. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve - Mosca, Colorado, USA

  19. Theres a very good reason for starting this thread. It's not only good locations it's very much time of year. If you go to Middle Creek WMA in Pennsylvania in June you might see a few birds, but if you go to Middle Creek in March you might see one or two Snow Geese.
  20. Roger G

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    Interested in photographing raptors in flight? Hawkwatch International has a number of migration study sites in the Western US, which will give you a chance to see and photograph migrating birds of prey in the fall [autumn] Sorry this isn't very timely.

    Hawkwatch International - Home
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