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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. John, I am truly sorry if I misread, but I did not find any post by Sanford which I interpreted as threatening to leave. I may indeed have misread, but I simply did not read Sanford as threatening to leave. It just did not sound a bit like him:
  2. We all interpret Lannie. The conversation above was between someone asking how to "de-register" from PN and another asking him to "recommend" some alternative sites, thus seconding the motion. It's like asking someone in the presence of your wife if she has a girlfriend that might be suitable for you.
    I humour my response because it's you an old friend Lannie, and we have laughed a lot together, but I call for a little empathy on these pages.
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  3. You're right, John. There was an edge there after all.
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  4. I just tried the file upload to a post on the FD forum and got three or four failures with no indication of the "problem" with my file...and then it succeeded. Too bad there is no indication of why the file was unacceptable. Of course it may have been a tad large, but I thought that former limit was no longer as operative. I guess I need to read some more of the guidelines. I continue to drop by for old times sake. I have mixed feelings about format. I am a content devotee mostly and what I like most. I drop by several other photo places, kind of window shop the world. Lots out there.
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  5. I drop by several other photo places, kind of window shop the world. Lots out there.
    Indeed there are, Gerry, and the question is what this site is going to offer that is distinctive enough to carve out a new identity for itself--not to mention a market share.

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  6. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    Hello All,

    MyAccount>MySettings has an update that allows you to set much more specific notifications than previously. Take a look! Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.37.10 AM.png
  7. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    Good to see these additions--I have been waiting for the promised "Share Content Buttons" kill feature since it was announced a month or so ago. The "Alerts" and 'Comments on other photos' will be handy too--remains to be seen if it really works.

    The Profile Page Layout is interesting--especially if a photographer is targeting their galleries toward the mobile phone crowd. I will keep the maximized view. Not really fond of the need to scroll a tiny window for the Bio info--which is constrained in the 'bottom-card-container' of the maximized 'main-photographer-nav-card' display block. Another thing default designed around satisfying the mobile phone user crowd... :confused:

    You CAN add a little more vertical height to this scroll box and make it more readable, appealing and functional by modifying the 'main.min.css' file at the following line to expand the container from 3.5 lines (very ugly to cut a line of text in half vertically) to include 7 full lines of text:

    #bio-container {
    max-height: 120px;
    overflow-y: auto;

    Originally, this was set to a puny 60px. Look at this crammed-up display the way things are now:


    Look here for an example of what this change looks like at 120px:


    Now, isn't that much nicer? :) Also, it does not blow up the display aspect frame to something outsized for the mobile user. Can we get this little fix? Pretty please, pretty please? :p
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  8. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    The "Share Content Buttons" will take care of your social media question. Happy to pass along the profile page suggestion. What is the size of the screen you were using in pic above?
  9. Glenn, I seem unable to reach you, either through the internal messaging system or through the mail. Would you very kindly read my message and reply, then possibly remove this message, thank you very much. John
  10. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things


    My bad... :confused:

    I forgot to include this change as well to allow the "Website" and "Follow" elements to fall into their proper padding space:

    #bottom-card-container, #top-card-container {
    min-height: 380px;
    max-height: 380px;

    There also needs to be a vertical resizing adjustment for the header banner image up top--in order for it to fill in that 60px blank space below the user's chosen image and the 'profile-middle-bar' element. I don't have access through the developer console to the code that does this, or I would make the concept adjustment and show it properly.

    The display you see is in 1920x1080 native resolution on a 24" monitor. It is also good on a 1920x1200 res--as well as my smartphone. Just needs that little tweak to the image resize... :cool:

    P.S. The function of making the social icons disappear was already enabled before I made my first post...
  11. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    I am right there with you, why won't anyone answer this question. I have a few images I meant only to put up while I sold some gear, now I can't seem to take it down. I asked THE SAME QUESTION, "How can I take down images?" A while back I asked the same question and my question was actually deleted. Not only is it frustrating, but it got me pretty upset. As a hobbiest, this site has been a pleasant distraction and way to enjoy my hobby as well as a useful tool. But like so many others, I'm hoping this reboot starts to make sense for my type of photography.
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  12. I am sure this has been covered before but that is OK. I check in now and then to the forums. If I decide to write something I must check in and then when checked in it takes me out of the forum. I guess if I wrote, then checked in , this would settle that, but it seems awkward. If this is understood, add it to the list of 'wants.'
  13. Hey there everyone. I realize I am replying to an old thread, but this seems like the best place. I have been a paying member for almost a decade now and my subscription expires in about a week. I would like to renew, but the screen tells me my credit card will be billed annually. I prefer to pay as I go with no automatic billing. What are my options here?
    Thank you.
  14. Plasma,Look at page 4 of 611 Site Help and in Subscription Renewal thread,GPalm says that in this version(V2) with auto-renewal,members will be alerted 30-days prior to renewal with option to opt-out.Hope this helps.-Laurent

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