How to link to a Specific Gallery?

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  1. OK suppose I create a Gallery called, "Wildflowers" or "Cars." Then I post 5-10 photos in that gallery.

    How do I send a link to someone so that he/she can view the images in that gallery only?

    How can I insure that he/she cannot download the photos in that gallery to his/her computer?
    Sadly, so far since the second iteration of, I think that:

    For a photo site to have the Gallery section so poorly implemented - is a crime.

    Photos still load slowly (I have FIOS - and 100mb/sec download speed); the thumbnails are poorly displayed (horizontal thumbnails of vertical photos? really...); navigating through a particular gallery is tedious, slow...poorly implemented!

    I could go on...but several weeks after the fact, the gallery section remains a disaster.
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    Portfolio>Galleries>view gallery>get link
    By default, photos are not downloadable except by the user in 'my library'; not a guarantee, of course because a viewer has to download to see it, and it therefore gets into their cache.
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  4. So has this become a private site where people can't view my images? Wanted to get some photo releases from musicians and every link I've sent them says you have to sign in. Now I'm wondering will they have to download the images before they can see them even if they do sign in? This used to be so easy and now seems dang near impossible.

    Have checked the various categories (i.e. Your Activity, Photos, Galleries, Gallery Folder Sort) but can't find the "get link" button anywhere.
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  5. While I cannot download other people's photo on computers, I can easily save any photo with my iPhone. Is this a system design or a bug? How can I protect my photos from being downloaded by others? Thanks.

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