Monday in Nature, November 5, 2018

Discussion in 'Nature' started by sallymack, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. Avocet aggression, White Slough, Vallejo CA.
  2. American Coot aka Mud Hen... Nature Monday 11-5-2018.jpg
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    5-138_1606 TONY0101 - Black-tailed Skimmer.jpg

    Black-tailed Skimmer​
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  6. Deer at Tyler State Park in Southeastern PA
    Deer at Tyler Sony - x2048-06849.jpg
  7. Bee working hard.
    Nikon D800 with 200mm micro lens. 1/250s f/11 ISO 1250
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    Don't worry about it this time, but David's image showing a captive bird, with strings attached, literally :), is not a nature image. Would have been fine for a Nature Unlimited Friday thread if we continue those.
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  10. Leica M10 50/2 Summicron. Tough to find a good image, Cade's Cove is all about the hand of man after all, but I think this qualifies. Very foggy morning on the loop road.

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  11. Bing,
    Love this image, BUT I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'm looking at. :)
  12. Thanks, Rod. Yes, it is a bit difficult to make out because much of the action is covered by the dandelion petals. It is a crab spider with its captured prey, probably a bee whose abdomen and one wing is visible.
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