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  1. Spider and prey.

  2. Loos like David and Goliath, Sally.
  3. June beetles mating DSC_4504_05202010_587 mating June beetles WEB.jpg
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  4. Edwin, yes, it was amazing to watch. The bug was many times larger than the tiny spider. The spider would dart toward the struggling bug to wrap a strand of web around some part of it, then retreat well out of reach, wait, then dart in, again. It wasn't long before the spider had lassoed two legs in the series of photos I took.
  5. Sally...Thank you for starting my favorite thread on PN. Here is Athena, a Great Horned Owl who has nested for 8-consecutive years above entrance to Lady Bird Wildflower Center in Austin. Nature Monday 4-17-2017.jpg
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  6. You're welcome, Bill, it's my favorite thread on PN, too. I saw Shun's post asking someone to start the thread this week and since no one else had. . .

    Athena is gorgeous! Nice shot.
  7. I'm generally not a spider fan, but found this one intriguing. And thanks as well for starting this week's thread Sally. spider x1000.jpg
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  8. The deer have been staying pretty much out of view all winter, but this little one turned up in the back yard a couple of days ago. first deer of the year.jpg
  9. Thanks for starting the thread, Sally! I don't know if I could face the week without MiN as the starting point.
    Low tide, low-gradient beach, odd tracks in the wet sand, and I finally track down the perpetrator. Or it tracks down itself.

    Sand crab chasing a woozle
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  10. Sea Lion Pod, Monterey Bay Monterey Bay 17b_Sea Lions_1.jpg
  11. ShunCheung

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    Sally, thanks for starting the thread.

    Fiery-throated Hummingbird (Panterpe insignis), Costa Rica


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  12. DSC_1125_crop_irfansharpadj_resize.jpg
    Out in a light rain...
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  13. Years ago, I always thought that the images on Chinese paintings were mystical lots. That the "castles (houses, jagged cliffs and trees) in the air" were just that - artist dreams and imagination. My visits to China's Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and Guilin had changed all that. Mountains, houses, trees were indeed hanging in the air, so "evident" especially in early morn.

  14. Mockingbird
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  15. _A0A4213.jpg
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  16. Waterbuck males competing = Treetops, Kenya 1974
    GAF 500 film, Nikkormat FTn, Vivitar 85-205mm​
  17. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Some excellent shots, as per usual.
    I'm still not able to access this site on demand... maybe next week!
  18. Desert Candles, Carrizo Plain National Monument

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