Mixing ID11 (all or part)

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  1. The instruction state the full pack must be mixed to make 5L stock solution. As I may not be developing very often, is it ok to measure out a smaller amount to mix?
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    If it is a powder developer mix you need to mix it all since the chemicals may not be equally distributed through out the package. Also, once the seal is broken on the powder it probably won't last long anyway.
  3. therer are opinions on suces in mixing small amouts of powder.
    because the physical shape of each ingredient is different, Even shaking or mixing the powder and weighing or measuring a small amount of oiwder may or mat not give you a proper batch of working solution.
    Likely it will develop the film but one part could be lacking.
    it is hard to mix a big batch and later dump most of it afer a few months.
    tjhis is why kiquid concentrates are popular.
    you could mix 5 liters and carefully without adding too much air, into several smaller comnpletely full bottles.
    this will extend the useful life of the developer.
    or use a liquid
    better still go to the covington hc-110 page.
    the syrup last for years
    UIn the usa syribnges are easy to buy,.
    For mow separate the 6l in separate bottles and when it turns fark dump it all.
  4. Andrew and Walter are both correct. You really need to mix the full amount for the reasons they describe.
    Not sure about ID-11 but with Kodak D-76 (which is the exact same developer) you can buy it in one-quart packages in addition to the one-gallon packages. But the price break on the gallon packages is so good, that you can get the full gallon for the same price or maybe a little less than two one-quart packages.
    Personally, I guy the gallon size of everything and if I don't use it all I just dump it. It's still far cheaper than sending film out for developing. I don't use stop bath for film, so a gallon of developer and fixer only costs me maybe $15. If I use all of it (16 35mm rolls at 8 ounces full strength) it costs me less than $1 a roll. Even if I throw out half it's only $2 a roll. If I throw out three quarters its $4 per roll. But you can't get film developed anywhere for that price.
  5. As stated above, you must mix the entire amount of dry powders. The best thing then is to put it into separate smaller bottles.

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