Mirrorless Monday, Jan 17, 2022

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  1. Umbrellas, Monterey Municipal Wharf, Fuji XE1, 18-55mm Zoom
    Wharf 2, 22a_Umbrellas_1.jpg
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  2. EOS R 100mm macro
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  3. Sony RX100ii
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  4. Sony RX100ii
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  5. Allen, are you having a tryst with the Duchess of Cambridge?
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  6. Canon G5X2 also! IMG_0960.jpg
  7. _DSC4837.jpg

    SOny A7III, Sigma 24-70mm f2.8
  8. Atelier, Corrèze:
    Fuji X-T10, Tanar 5cm/f2, camera jpeg
  9. 0017MLC Tienda Juguetes Pintura Llamativa Colores Fluorescentes-NAIS28.jpg Nikkor AIs 28 on Fuji X-P1
  10. That's a heck of a shot, Nick. You don't see too many like that. You could say it's "in your face." ;-)
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  11. Thanks Karim:)
  12. "Allen, are you having a tryst with the Duchess of Cambridge?" Ludmilla.

    A Gentleman never tells on a Ladies secrets;;))

    Better post another photo quickly;)


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