Mirrorless Monday, Feb 5, 2018

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  1. Fuji XE1, 27mm, Tasting Room Display.
    Carmel 18a_Carmel Plaza_Blair Tasting Room_1.jpg
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  2. Land and Sea
    XT-1, XF18-55 Pt. Lobos Drama, 1000.jpg 2.8
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  4. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

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  5. Three photographs taken at last Saturday's Harvest Rally, an annual event featuring masses of agricultural machinery, trucks and cars, ranging from new to very old. Sony A7r fitted with a Vivitar 28-85mm MC Macro Focusing Zoom f/3.5-4.5, manufacturer unknown.





    Mum's Cafe

    Mums Cafe.jpg

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  6. From today's (sunday) wanderings thru the Farmers Market. XE-1 & XC 16-50. Aloha, Bill 2k18-013-DSCF9723 ces10.JPG
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  7. Dress Rehearsal


    Sony NEX​
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  8. Magog river in Sherbrooke, QC. X-T2 14mm 2.8
  9. Same river with 23mm f2.

  10. Navnit Patel and I were high school students together until 1967. Now he is a restaurateur in England. He has come to India for a while and visited me with another class-mate.

    Nikkor 85/2 on Sony A7
  11. Polperro boat. Leica typ 114 Polperro boat-web.jpg
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  12. IMG_5112_Balkonschilderij.jpg

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  14. Mukul, Your subjects for portraiture seem to always look comfortable and relaxed! This is a key accomplishment by the Photographer, a necessary trait to get the job done. I admire that.
  15. Another from Sunday's market. . this time with XE-1 in B/W mode. Aloha Bill 2k18-013-DSCF9730 ces5 gsbc.JPG
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  16. Thank you, Don. I try to have at least one other person present to distract the subject.

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