Mirrorless Monday, Aug 6, 2018

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  1. The Mission, XE1, 50-230mm
    Carmel Mission 18c_2.jpg
  2. The door.
    Panny GX7, Zuiko 9-18mm
  3. Sandy Vongries

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  4. Wall mural. XC 16-50 on Fuji X-E1. 2k18-047-DSCF0771 ces10.JPG
  5. Monday.jpg Monday ll.jpg I'm not sure the mural is complete yet on the wall of a fitness club.
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  6. Three from a Sony ILCE-7R, lenses noted.

    Perfection (135mm Kyoei "Acall" f/3.5)


    Swing : (Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM)


    After the Rain
    : (135mm Kyoei "Acall" f/3.5)

    After the Rain copy.jpg
  7. While many in north America seem to think that they should bare their teeth in a smile when being photographed, many in India believe that they should look stern and forbidding. This chap is quite friendly, the opposite of what his expression in the photo suggests.

    Sony FE 28-70 on Sony A7
  8. Balance, X-T2 50-230.

  9. Reaching high, X-T2, 50-230

  10. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... looks like someone
    flew off the ferris wheel and
    head-planted half a block
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