Minolta X-9 operation?

Discussion in 'Beginner Questions' started by dajain, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Congratulations on fixing your camera. I know next to nothing about electronics, but have used manual focus Minolta cameras for many years, and with the later ones that had some electronics, this capacitor issue was very common. I wish I had been able to fix mine myself, because I spend a good deal of money getting them fixed. I can't imagine how many of them went to the landfill just because this capacitor had given up the ghost. And for what it's worth, the X-9/X-300 is just about the most basic and plasticy of the manual focus Minolta lot. For a real treat, get yourself an XD-7/XD-11, or an XE series camera. Those are really nice to use, and cheap these days. If you can find an XD series camera with a faulty capacitor, you can probably get it for free. ;-)
  2. Most newbie don't know how to load a camera, non the less take apart a 35mm electronic camera. Many used film cameras are $40 - $60 at best. Just getting a "repair manual" shipped to you will cost your some $25. Very few have the specialized tools and instructions just to get off the top.
    I do brakes on my cars since the 70's, clutches and all kinds of stuff. Would never tell a newbie to do a brake job or even change spark plugs.

    Now with Google and YouTube around, lots to be found and glad you got that camera working. If you have any information on that repair I could post on my website, I would be glad to include it for that model. Lots of computer monitors and computers have "bad caps". Dell computers went through a class action lawsuit years ago due to that problem. The knew the problem, just told customers it was their electrical outlets or bad software until it got out of warranty. They they wanted a lot of money to replace the capacitors they knew were bad.
    Any old electronics can go bad by just one part, you found the problem and were able to fix it. That is very unusual, congrats.

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