Looking back on Nikon DSLRs--and trying to look into the future. . .

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  1. I've headed in the other direction...back to 120 film. I can't keep up with the new technology financially My D750 is enough for me..
  2. 2 glasses of wine for me, that's it!
  3. Let's see: A roll of 120 E6 costs what? £7 ($10 us) + processing + scanning or printing. That must amount to over £2 ($3) a shot at least for good quality processing/scanning. So 1000 shots per year and you've spent the cost of a decent DSLR for, arguably, lower image quality files.

    I might buy a new piece of kit once a year or so, but my average spend is nowhere near £2000 pa, and I shoot well in excess of 1000 frames. OK, those shots are not all great art, but at least I'm not hearing a till go "kerching" every time I press the button.
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  4. Processing at the newly resurrected Calumet store near me is $12, without prints or scan. At over $20 a roll, a reasonably active photographer could pay for a 50 MP digital back in less than two years. (approx. 500 rolls). That done, your activity would increase significantly, not seeing $20 bills flying out of your wallet, not to mention many hours of scanning and adjusting the elusive color balance thereof. Fewer than 150 rolls would justify the purchase of a high resolution MILC or DSLR, like a Sony A7Rii (42 mp), which essentially retired my 16 MP Hasselblad.

    A Nikon D810 has the resolution (36 MP, no AA filter), but few lenses with 36 MP quality (mainly macro).
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  5. I don't care to keep up with new technology. I am happy with 35mm film but it is financial that I switch to digital. I only shoot moderately and at $20 a roll if I shoot 1 roll a week that more than $3000 in 3 years. It's not only the cost I hate to buy stuff online and buying film online is about the only option. So I bought the Df a month after it was introduced and the film cost would have paid for it already. The Df is digital but like many said it has old technology.
  6. I am configuring a new RAID server for photos, and observed that I have taken over 220,000 images since going digital in 2003. That's the equivalent of 6100 rolls of 35 mm film. I think my purchase(s) were justified. I've settled town to cruise speed at about 15K images per year, not including 7000 during a week in Iceland this Spring.
  7. Nikon introduced the FT-1 as a means to attach Nikon DX and FX lenses to the CX format Nikon 1 series MILC. Very handy for extra-long 'reach'.

    However, it would seem optical physics limited it to centre AF point only for the 1 series.

    I'm guessing this wouldn't be an issue with DX and FX MILCs?

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