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  1. IN the wednesday thread I posted some pictures made with a 'weird' combination of MF long lens, teleconverter and PN extension tube. Here are some more pictures. Some may find them interesting, some may not. But I hope at least somebody may find them helpful...
    For all the pictures the camera was Nikon D300s.
    First is the picture of a frog, made with my old Ai-S Nikkor 400mm f/3.5 ED-IF coupled with a PN11 extension tube to shorten the minimum focusing distance to about 2,5 meters (8 feet to all the people using imperial??? units).
    Exposure data: f/8, 1/1250s, ISO 1600
  2. Next is the same camera and the same lens but coupled with a TC301 2x teleconverter, mounted on a PN11 extension tube, the whole frame.
    Exposure data: f716, 1/400s, ISo 1600.
  3. ... and the 100% level pixel crop, all data the same as above.
  4. One more picture with Ai-S Nikkor 400mm f/3.5 ED-IF with the TC20EII (modified) plus PN11 extension tube. I think there si not much difference between the two TCs. although some photographers think about the TC20EII as being only suitable as a paper weight, the followwing pictures might prove otherwise - but for the old lens only...
    Exposure data F/16, 1/500s, ISo 1600.
  5. I don't find anything "weird" about that combo at all. Vivitar used to produce a "macro" teleconverter that had a focusing helicoid between the converter elements and the primary lens. This worked superbly and would turn a 50mm standard lens into a 1:1 100mm macro, and longer lenses into close focusing ones while doubling their focal length. Its quality as a normal 2x converter was excellent as well! The one issue with the device was that the plastic used for the Ai coupler ring would expand with age and eventually seize up. I modified mine with a turned brass ring and it still works fine.
    BTW Miha, what sort of frog is that?
  6. And now the 100% pixel crop...
  7. Now the ISO level is lower. The frog obliged to stay put ;)
    Exposure data: f/16, 1/15s ISO 200.
  8. And also a 100% pixel crop for this picture.
    You can see a lot more details in the eye (comparing to ISO 1600).
  9. And at last (but not least) the AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR I coupled to the TC20II, no extension tube this time. You can judge the IQ for yourself, but I think this picture is usable.
    Exposure data: f/11, 1/400s, ISO 400.
  10. I can't hold the 100%pixel crop for myself ;)
  11. Hi, Joe,
    I am no herpetologist, but a hobby photographer ;)
    and I think it is a marsh frog (Rana Ridibunda), a quite common frog in European waters.
    If I'm wrong, please correct me.
    About weird: I prefer taking my photographs in a remote place. Sometimes, when people see me and my equipment, they just don't understand I can find interest in photographing frogs, snakes, etc. Sometimes I feel, they would be less surprised looking at a lean mean and green Martian then they are looking at a photographer in a camouflage coloured suit :).
  12. Come spring I'm going to go looking for frogs. These images are beautiful. Love the texture on the skin.
    Very impressive. Thanks for the inspiration.
  13. Miha, very informative. At first I thought that the frog is of a football size.
    Also the fact that mosquitoes feed on frogs too - 2. photo. Nice.
    I have 300/4 available and have tested it with similar setup. As 300/4 afs goes to 1,5 meters as its own I need only the PN11. With that combination I can get 0,16 - 0,5X magnifications.
    My AiS 2x converter seems not to like 300 mm tele a lot. Your 301 2x converter should do better.
    I had to make a table to tell me whitch lens, extension and diopter combinations produce what shooting distances and magnification ratios. It helps.
  14. The frog obliged to stay put​
    Pitty the midget on pic 2 did not.. :)
    Still nice shooting and +1 for experimenting ...
  15. Miha, when I owned the Nikon 400mm f 3.5 manual focus lens, I used it all the time with the PN 11 tube for macro work. I think this lens is one of Nikon's best "macro" lenses, even though it was not designed for this use. I used it for dragon flies, frogs, etc. The Nikon 2x tc best matched for it is the Nikon TC 301. I mated the tc to the lens, then added the pn 11 tube, then the camera. And is used a very sturdy tripod with a good head and used a cable release or the self timer to trigger the shutter.
    Joe Smith
  16. People shoot pictures with equipment as tool. Tools does not make very big difference if user has skills.
    TC and or tube can be used with any lens, can produce good pictures.
  17. Remarkably, during a recent long trip through Africa I mainly used the 400/3.5 on D300. Without TC's, because I just couldn't get quality images with them. Bu exactly for a FROG image (see below, in the Naukluft Mts of Namibia) I used the AF 300/4.0 with some extension and the 1.4x TC.. because it is so much easier to work with at water level and focuses closer.
  18. Miha, you might want to look up Ronnie Gaubert....using, as stated, 300/4 with PN-11 I believe...fab macro work.

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