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  1. I have Lightroom 4. I use a laptop and two external hard drives, one portable, one not. When using the desk top hard drive the computer named it G:. When I added the portable hard drive it labeled the portable G and the desk top H. Now all the images are missing in Lightroom (corrected this problem) and the folders have the question mark ( I will also fix this). Is there any way to prevent the computer from doing this (or permanently labeling the hard drive as G: or H: as the case may be). I'm afraid this willl be a continuing problem.
  2. I assume you are running Windows.
    Connect your external drive.
    Go to START and right click on COMPUTER. Select MANAGE from the drop down menu.
    In the MANAGE menu select STORAGE > DISK MANAGEMENT. Give the Disk Management window time to populate.
    Right click on the partition you want to assign a letter to (if your external drive has but one partition, the drive letter applies to the disk). Select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" from the drop down menu and change the letter to anyting you wish. I would suggest leaving a few blank letter and start at say "J".
  3. I have two external drives that are used for rotating backups. I permanently assigned one as J: and the other as K:
    The computer doesn't much care which is connected because the backup program wants to copy to both. If one's not there, so be it, it just copies to the one that's present. Once you have permanently assigned a drive letter, the OS doesn't care if it's connected or not.

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