Kodalith Film & Adotech Developer + Other Developers

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  1. I bought a 100ft reel of 40 year old Kodalith Type 3 recently, I've yet to test it and find out how low to rate the speed after all this time, but assuming it still works I wondered what other members experiences with lith film and different developers are. I've bought some Adotech IV developer just out of curiosity to see how this low contrast developer works with Kodalith. Has anyone else tried Kodalith and Adotech, and what kind of results did you get? I will try it myself at some point just to scratch that itch, but I couldn't find any net reference to experiments with this combination. Any photos using lith film with different developers would be appreciated.
  2. I have used Kodalith in the past, But can't remember how I developed it. I used it to make title slides. I never heard of anyone using it for 'regular' photos. The contrast is extreem. But I see that there is a website dedicated to the subject.
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  3. I've only used Kodalith for its intended high contrast purpose, but it reminds me of using high contrast document films and H&W Control Developer to get very fine grain continuous tone images. Anchell & Troop listed a low contrast developer for atomic blasts and such that might be useful.
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