Kodak Verichrome V620

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  1. Hello

    Is this film still available? I have a Kodak Junior Six-20 Series II medium
    format camera and I desperately want to find film for it. Are there any other
    options besides re-spooling?

  2. Funny you mention this, i recieved Verichrome pan today and also have a junior 620:) I buy them from internet, ebay, second hand shops etc. Still lots of it out there
  3. You can contact Film For Classics in upstate NY for various films in 620 size.
  4. Jeff all their pages have blank links or am I doing something wrong.

  5. When at Film for Classics home page click on the Order Form link.
  6. Some Kodak 620 cameras will take a 120 spool nibbled down to reduce the flange diameter. (Use a nail clipper.) But you still need a 620 take-up spool. If you don't process it yourself, it's VERY wise to re-spool the exposed film on a 120 spool.

    There are places that machine down the flanges on 120 film, to make them smaller, and the flanges thinner. Some 620 cameras require that. See Central Camera in Chicago, or shop on eBay.

    You will probably want to use slow film: FP4+, Plus-X, Delta 100, TMAX 100, or Portra 160NC.
  7. VP 620 has not been available for a long time and any you find now will be seriously outdated.
  8. Does anyone by chance know where or who could develop a roll of exposed verichrome 620 for me that i found in an old brownie hawkeye?
  9. Contact these folks. They do a great job.

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