KODAK 5231

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by tripanfal, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. I was bummed to hear Kodak 5231 was discontinued. I shoot a lot of it. I just scored 800 feet of short ends for .08 / foot. The cheapest I've ever paid. It's still around, but it's hit or miss. I figure the 5222 will be around for a while.
  2. Christopher,
    Where did you find it? Film Emporium?
  3. Did you see Josh's comment on this? http://www.photo.net/film-and-processing-forum/00WEsn
  4. Film Emporium is all out. I got mine from reelgoodfilm.com. Basically hit the lottery there, as he told me he rarely gets any. I grabbed the last 2 rolls. I e-mailed releasing.net, as of yesterday they had one 400 foot short end @ .20/foot.
    I wanted to stock up as I really like this film, and at 8 cents a foot, I can't go wrong.
    Micheal. I read that thread. The 5231 and Plus-x are different films. I like the look (and the price) of 5231. Regular Plus-x is not going anywhere soon. My other all time favorite 100 speed film is PanF in Diafine.
  5. $0.08/ft is a great bargain! I hope I never need to be so frugal. One can get fresh ISO 100 35mm film from Photo Warehouse for about $0.21/ ft, and ISO 400 film for about $0.24/ft.

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