Keppler: Build a Grade A lens from a milk bottle.

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  1. Welcome to April 1952. Herbert Keppler has assembled a cracked team from the Zoomar Corporation to show you how to build a quality lens at home from your throw-away milk bottles.

  2. Here is one on the hows and whys to replenishing your developer.

  3. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

  4. Here are this month's dealer ads.

  5. Thanks.
    Every month I miss Keppler!

    Here is an ad Adorama placed when Keppler took over Popular Photography (1988:12) Adorama-on-Keppler-at-PP-1988-12-PP.jpg

    , plus a portrait of Keppler taken by Eisenstaedt at the publication of his book on the SLR:
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  6. Great sampling of articles from April 1952. The milk bottle lens article was entertaining. I immediately thought about a few people I knew that ground their own telescope mirrors. Rough grinding (walking around the barrel) making pitch lap and cutting out the channels, fine polishing, and focault testing. Of course you'd have to send it out to be coated with aluminum unless you were brave enough to silver it with chemicals.
  7. For decades I thought the Mootar was an urban myth and never put much faith in the story. Also, I was never told the story was authored by none other Herb Keppler.

    I appreciate the link to the 1952 article.
  8. Thanks, Marc. With reservations...For years I hankered after a baby Linhof, the Super Technica 23, and I thought I'd laid the matter to rest. After reading the "New Products" section, the itch is back...
  9. Thanks for the posts Marc. I can't quite read the text, do you have a link that I could follow in search for a more readable copy?
  10. JDM - Thanks for the ad. Popular Photography became very readable when Keppler took over.

    Mike - That is something I have never tried.

    Andrew - I see what you did there.

    Rick - I have been thinking about a Horseman VH-R. I think the Linhof might exceed my budget.

    Greg - If you left click the image it will expand to be more readable.
  11. Great post from the past. I liked the Lets Face It article.

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