It's a New York thing!

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  1. Was walking along Smith Street in Brooklyn and came across this painted on sign in a coffee shop window.

  2. Was walking along the Promenade in Brooklyn and came across these two bridges ...

  3. The nearest I'll get to New York

    Ne York.jpg
  4. "Why else would they have put it in Queens" Men in Black
  5. Not enough space in Manhattan for a World's Fair.

    Plus, in Queens, the Unisphere could share a subway stop with the NY Mets and a neighborhood with Julio's schoolyard!
  6. One of the Canon G series point and shoot cameras. I love New York, I went to school in Jackson Heights up thru the ninth grade several lifetimes ago. Last time I was back there was several years ago. New York City in the summer is a congenial place.
    IMG_0177rs.jpg IMG_0203rs.jpg
  7. 2007
    013----S&D.jpg Nikon F60 with Nikkor AF 35-70. Fuji Superia S200
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  8. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

  9. Sorry, not got a photo....but.''

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  10. NYC is endlessly photogenic
    Voigtlander R3m, 40mm f1.4 Nokton Classic MC lens, Ferrania P30 film,

  11. NYC urban assault vehicle... a 4th St mainstay, I've shot this car so many times over the years. Same Voigtlander gear, Kodak Tri-X 400 film



  12. NYC so many things to photograph. . .
  13. 20140529 Manhattan Ave Greenpoint Brooklyn NY Kodak645-Portra-02.jpg
    Greenpoint Brooklyn, Kodak Portra400, Mamiya 645 Pro

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