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  1. Make sure they're still married...
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  2. I guess it was just hoping that the
    photos were meant to go to their rightful owners.
    And the best thing for me to do will be
    to send the pictures to the couples without any reimbursement request.
    Her conduct was more than
    just being an 'unprofessional jerk.'
    A breach of contract was what she did and
    you should have sued her for lack of payment.
    Her behavior hurts both you and her last 2 clients with whom you fired.
    I would not worry at all about any negative effect on the deadbeat who did not pay you, and at this stage, without any request for payment, I would simply give those 2 couples the pictures you have.
    The harm was done 3 years ago and it might make you feel better than leaving them on your hard drive to send the photos to be enjoyed by others.
  3. I'm
    I also think it is important that different aspects of what someone says
    are not necessarily related in a way that might not have been intended.
    Therefore, I do not relate the situation with the deadbeat key
    photographer to the concept of offering these pictures to the couple.
    I've taken them
    as two ethical questions.
    Do I have the right to do as I want with these pictures and get paid for them because the work was not originally contracted on my behalf?
    Since I did the job under the aegis of another photographer, can I contact the couple on my own?
    There's NO clear link between the main photographer's deadbeat-ness and the urge to do something good for the pair, other than the one you make about exorcism.
  4. In my opinion, the answer to the ethical question is yes, it is ethical. You do no harm.

    You worked, did not get paid. The one asking you to do that work had no apparent intention to pay, so would only have the feeblest possible claim to the results of your work. And she is not harmed by you providing these photos to the couples concerned.

    The people who would receive your photos would receive a momento to an important occurance in their lives. No harm there either.

    It would also be ethical if you would not give the photos for free, but the opportunity to buy them from you. Provided you ask a reasonable amount.
    But i can imagine (a bit of nudging here...) that you would like to offer them for nothing (or for only a cost covering fee).

    You do not have to hand over the raw files. It is also perfectly acceptable to let them know that they are available for more prints, at a reasonable price (including profit), should they want that.
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  5. Your work really awesome. I think she must take a positive decision.

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