is adorama legitimate?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by beverly_martin|2, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. i told a friend that adorama should be a trustworthy place to buy equipment since it is connected with am i mistaken? beverly-who-tends-to-be naive.
  2. Adorama is a trustworthy store, but seeing a store's ads on is no guarantee.
    Adorama and B&H are the two trustworthy stores in the U.S. that have the lowest prices. In my experience, B&H is better. When Adorama messed up an order (sold me an expired Staticmaster cartridge) they fixed it quickly. B&H has never messed up any of my orders.
  3. Beverly, Adorama is definitely trustworthy and was long before its connection with though I agree with you-they would not have associated themselves with Adorama otherwise. Adorama and B&H are the two stores I make sure I visit when I'm in New York. You're safe! regards, cb :)
  4. Dear Beverly
    Please check

    If your friend has any specific queries, he/she can contact me directly and I will be delighted to assist him/her
    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador
  5. Adorama is cool. I bought a lot of stuff from them with no issues.
  6. They are fine. So is Calumet, B&H, Helix, and a host of others. Just stay away from those with very low prices.
  7. is the sine qua non for anyone who is buying on-line or any other way
    Helen above, is of course, with Adorama, but you needn't be skeptical of her reference to Resellerratings. Resellerratings is independent and invaluable.
    You do have to hunt around on their cluttered home page at the website to find the place where you enter to the store ratings .
    I've lost the pointer to it, but someone had a website where they posted pictures of the "store fronts" in Brooklyn for many of the scam joints. It was a long train of back doors and mail drops.
  8. Thanks, that was it exactly. It's enormously educational.
  9. As Hector Javkin said, B&H is better - I agree. I have had some marginal experiences with Adorama. With B&H you get what you order with no exceptions. I order from B&H when ordering online. Here's the URL I think you will find this the most reliable online photography vendor.
  10. The fact that they run ads on means nothing. has run ads from some pretty sleazy outfits in the past.
  11. Mark, you are quite correct.
    But our ratings of 9.15/10 on Reselleratings, plus Adorama's commitment to monitoring this -as well as trawling a further 400 or so photographic websites, blogs and shopping sites for customers who need assistance, is hardly the mark of a sleazy operator.
    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador
  12. Adorama has been in business a very very long time. has had a business relationship with them since 2001. My experience with them since 2001 has been a very happy one, I have ordered many items from them.

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