In the Year of Your Birth

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  1. The "Jackie Boy", tied up at Fisherman's Wharf Fisherman's Wharf 12_Jackie Boy_2.jpg is about my age.
  2. Subtract 2 to get to my year.
    PS That's Sir Stirling Moss at the wheel in 2014 at Lime Rock Park in CT.
  3. File number DSF1950 #DSF1950.jpg
  4. ditto
    with the 1956 Marilyn Monroe red velvet calendar in the background...
    wish it was color. with my flaming red hair and the Marilyn red velvet
    jimmy 1956.jpg
  5. . . 5x7 Deardorff, 1935 . . That makes it (and me) 85 years old, both of which are still in service.
    Dorf 760 bw.jpg
  6. Same age as the Land Rover, but this one is five years younger.
    1954LandRover_F1230-500 (1 of 1).jpg
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  7. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    The Hurricane was still on the drawing board in 1934!
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  8. Ford-1941-or-42.jpg
    My mother and the brand new 1942 Ford (bought in late 1941)
    it was a lemon and no replacement was possible until 1948​
  9. If you can stand it!!!! 45E649BC-F272-4600-8E62-16A20B766AE9.jpeg
  10. Z North Carolina fall-529.jpg I don't know the age but it looks me. lol
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  11. 1958 Edsel Villager. (Photo taken in 2004 when I could still run marathons)

    58 Edsel Villager $2450sm.jpg
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  12. 0003a Brújula Números Micro-Nikkor 55.jpg Micro-Nikkor-P 55 on D100
  13. 54FA9D35-85A1-4DD1-93BF-678CCA2F0C7E.jpeg

  14. Same age as the NHS (National Health Service) UK and Land Rover. Car ambulance-web.jpg
  15. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    02-170_1909 - TONY0096 - final train of the day.jpg

    BR Class 9f (aka 'Spaceships') introduced 1951, as was I.

    This one dates from 1954.
  16. USS_Saratoga_(CV-3)_and_other_ships_are_hit_by_Crossroads_Baker_nuclear_blast,_25_July_1946.jpg
    Bikini A bomb test
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  17. Tham32A_bw_web0.jpg
    The Great Smog of London (1952)
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  18. This tree was planted in the same year, hundreds of miles away, by an unrelated elderly widow in memory of her husband's passing. Today it is a wee bit taller than I, and it has more leaves on the top.
    (For a number, take the average of the previous posts and add two pi.)
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